Tech-Thon in India with SolDevelo contribution


It needs no explanation that working on solutions that have a real social impact is in itself rewarding. Still, when the world reminds you that what you do is of benefit to society, one can feel even better about the everyday efforts in delivering the most qualified product possible.

Just recently we had that chance to look at the outcomes of our work with some well-earned pride. It was during the day-long Seminar “Tech-Ton” in New Delhi, organized by the Indian Ministry of Women and Child Development aimed at discussing the opportunities for technological partnership for the POSHAN Abhiyaan – PM’s Overarching Scheme for the Holistic Nourishment project.

One of the elements of the Seminar that took place at the end of this year’s June was a presentation of ICDS-CAS application’s features. The app is a part of POSHAN Abhiyaan program and enables effective monitoring, timely interventions, and fact-based decision making in the area of proper nutrition. The application’s objective is to improve the overall nutrition thanks to obtaining accurate and useful data.

The levels of malnutrition are still severe in India, so having an effective tool to point out the dangers and needs in this field seems crucial. That’s why we are even more proud that as SolDevelo we had a chance to contribute to the development of some of the ICDS-CAS application functionalities and that our work matters in a way that helps to solve this burning real-world problem.

We keep our fingers crossed for the success of ICDS-CAS and hope that it will prove decent support in fighting stunting, undernutrition, anemia, or low birth weight in children. With the POSHAN Abhiyaan being the largest e-Nutrition & Health program in the world (by 2020 it will be launched in all 36 Indian States and 718 districts), we believe that having participated in this project embodies the value of making a social impact pretty well.



The source of photography: PIB India:


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