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It is a great adventure to create products from scratch, to watch as they are used and evaluated by Jira users in real-time. Building solutions admired by Customers, who appreciate our expertise in software development has been a pleasure, fun, and inspiring experience.

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Worklogs – Time Tracking and Reports

Time Tracking and Reports will allow you to easily track the time being spent by members of your team in a given period. The app allows grouping data by days, weeks, months or years. Moreover, you can also categorize and group entries in many different ways.

Worklogs can be accessed through both a menu item or inserted into your dashboard as a gadget.


Happy clients

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Worklogs Features

Time tracking

Simple and clear overview of the time spent on Jira issues.

Export to Excel

Share the Worklogs reports and export them in the convenient XLSX format.

Create reports

Generate customized reports, apply your favorite groupings and get the right data, right now.

Log time directly in the table

Worklogs allow you to log all your work in one place our table view. It works for next-gen projects too!

Restrict access
Set the permissions that suit you best. Select users or groups and manage their access to specific Worklog records.
Filtering and grouping

Option to filter and group data by any combination of date range, projects, users, groups or Jira filters.

Multiple Checklists for Jira

Add even more quality to your tasks. Split them into actionable checklists, and watch as they’re being automatically added to selected Jira issues.

You won’t forget any item from your Acceptance Criteria or Definition of Done.

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Jira definition of done

Checklists Features

Create Multiple Checklists

Add as many checklists as you need to your Jira issues.

Save templates
Save and reuse checklists templates in other Jira issues. Spread the good practices all over your project!
Add Checklists automatically

Use your checklists templates to make them appear automatically in newly created issues. 

Customize items statuses

Use statuses to let your team know if the item is in progress, blocked or at any other predefined stage.

Check the history

Track the history of changes. Find out who, and when defined the criteria or made any corrections in the TO DO list.

Validate your workflow

You don’t want issues moved to “Done” if there are incomplete items in your checklists? You can now block the transition.

QAlity Plus – Test Management for Jira

With QAlity – Test Management for Jira you can plan and execute tests with minimal effort so that you and your team can stay focused on the common goal.

QAlity Plus Features

Creating Test Cases

Test Cases in QAlity are Jira issues visible in other Jira issues! Thanks to this approach, you can access testing data whenever you’re working on a task.

Adding Test Steps

Test Step is a must-have in a Software Tester’s work. Add as many as you need to cover all of your product’s requirements.

Collapse and expand test cases

Avoid information overload and hide Test Cases you don’t want to see in your Jira issues. Reveal them again as soon as they become relevant to your work.

Test execution

Preview the number of failed, passed or unexecuted steps as well as comments and attachments so that the results of execution are always clear.

Creating Test Cycle

Decide how to group your Test Cases into Cycles to increase your project’s efficiency. Gain a neat overview of a Test Cycle progress and results.

Test Execution Report

Obtain a quick overview of executed Test Cases and display the result of such execution by selected time period, user or Jira project.

Other Products

Agile Dashboard for Project Management

Manage your project smarter. Spot the challenges awaiting your team and use the knowledge to upgrade your work every day.

Team Performance Reports and Insights for Jira

Generate reports of team performance. Have insight in work done in your projects. Control your return on investment.

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