Get your project right from the beginning with our QA team

Have you ever noticed a bug in an application and uninstalled it right away because of it? Make the proper first impression on your users with the help from our Quality Assurance team.

QA in a project is always focusing on the bigger picture.

It’s not simply a verification of whether the functionality works, or not, but also asking questions like “does this feature fulfill the goal we set for it?”, or “will the users be comfortable with using this the way we intend?”

Quality has many factors that contribute to a good product. It’s caring as much about execution, as the idea behind it. Having a QA person on your team greatly improves the chance of commercial success of your product.

We define our development processes with QA in mind to provide optimal speed and quality of our services. 

Quality assurance team

Why do I need a QA? I’m only starting my project.

Bugs in the project can happen from the day one, way before the first line of code is written. An issue caught early in the documentation will mean that the team will spend more time on developing features, and less on fixing problems.

Are the developers not supposed to deliver good quality code in the first place?

Complexity of written software often results in a lot of issues that simply cannot be foreseen or easily noticed. Developers and QAs work together to find and fix these problems, as well as work on the requirements to spot potential problems before any mistakes are made.


Why should you have a QA on your project?

Polished experience for end-users
Reliable software
Reduced cost of fixing issues
Insight in product quality
Preventing problems from occurring
Adherence to industry standards
Reduced time to market
Smooth communication between team members
Defect prevention

Quality Assurance is so much more than testing. It’s all about the experience of the end user.

What we do

Whatever your need is, we’ll work with you to generate an excellent outcome.

Building QA processes

Setting up tailored set of quality assurance processes to match the needs of your project

Manual testing

Manual verification of delivered functionalities against set acceptance criteria

Test documentation

Preparing test documentation according to best practices and requirements

Quality metrics

Collecting metrics on how the project is doing in terms of quality

Performance testing

Ensuring optimal operation of the system components

E2E automation

Protecting projects against regressions that may slip in unnoticed

GDPR compliance

Assuring compliance with data regulations and keeping data secure

Mobile testing

Verifying compatibility with most popular devices and operating systems

Visual regression

Streamlining manual testing to focus on the most important tasks


Ensuring that the project can be accessed by all users

Application monitoring

Gathering data on system vitals to spot issues as soon as they appear

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