Agile Development
The key to successful delivery of your project.

Agile Project Management is a dynamic and collaborative approach to software development. It prioritizes customer satisfaction, iterative progress, and flexibility in responding to changing requirements. It also helps the team continuously adapt its plans so as to maximize the value it delivers. Embracing Agile ensures efficient development cycles and outstanding outcomes.

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We believe in open communication, keeping you informed at every stage of development.


Working as a cohesive unit, we leverage your domain knowledge alongside our technical expertise.

Continuous Improvement

With regular retrospectives, we adapt and refine our processes for even greater efficiency.


Your satisfaction is crucial for us. Your success is our success.

Companies using Agile are 28% more successful in meeting project goals.

(Source: PMI)

Transforming Vision into Success

Agile Software Development process is crucial for its adaptability to changing requirements, collaboration-driven approach, and ability to deliver customer-centric solutions, resulting in higher satisfaction, superior product quality, and increased project success rates.

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Our process

Whatever your need is, we’ll work with you to generate an excellent outcome.

Start of the Project

  • We initiate the project by understanding your business goals and assembling a dedicated team tailored to your unique requirements.
  • Through collaborative discussions, we identify the high-level project requirements and set a clear vision for success.


  • Our planning process is dynamic and client-centric, focusing on breaking down the project into achievable milestones called user stories.
  • We prioritize features based on your business priorities, ensuring that we deliver maximum value in each iteration.


  • Our design phase is all about creating a user experience that aligns with your vision and resonates with your target audience.
  • We provide visual representations, such as wireframes and prototypes, to ensure that the design meets your expectations and requirements.


  • We follow an agile, iterative development approach, breaking the project into short sprints to deliver tangible results quickly.
  • Throughout development, you have the opportunity to see progress regularly and provide feedback, allowing for flexibility and alignment with your evolving needs.


  • Regular review sessions provide you with a hands-on look at the product’s development.
  • Your feedback is crucial, and we use it to refine and enhance the product in real-time, ensuring that the final deliverable meets or exceeds your expectations.


  • The final delivery is a culmination of our collaborative efforts, with a product that reflects your vision and requirements.
  • We believe in continuous improvement, and post-launch, we remain committed to supporting and enhancing the product based on your feedback and changing business needs.

71% of high-performing companies value Agile as "essential" to project success.

(Source: VersionOne)

Benefits of Agile Project Management

Accelerated Time-to-Market

Rapid iterations mean faster releases, enabling you to seize market opportunities.

Unmatched Flexibility

Be the maestro of your project, altering priorities and adapting to market shifts without missing a beat.

Superior Product Quality

Continuous testing and customer feedback result in exceptional, bug-free software.

Enhanced Flexibility

Agile empowers you to respond swiftly to market shifts and adapt project priorities.

Improved Customer Satisfaction

Engaging clients throughout the process ensures products that resonate.

Mitigated Project Risks

Agile’s iterative nature minimizes risks and enables early issue detection.

Tools we use:



SolDevelo project management style has become much more hands-on over time. They are proactive about managing performance and suggesting improvements to our workflow. They have helped us refine our use of the agile process to make it work even better for our team.

Kelsey Nagel

“It has to be admitted that the SolDevelo team is extremely agile and knows how to cooperate with changing requirements. We interfaced weekly to discuss the progress. We were in constant contact with a Project Manager from SolDevelo and were aware of all the changes, challenges and issues. We never heard any doubts or rails once we had to change something in the scope, quite the contrary – SolDevelo team showed understanding and full support and were very clear on what can be added to the scope within this limited time.”

Brock Mansfield

I’d encourage customers to lean into the enabling team SolDevelo provides and let them manage or improve their software development processes because they’re really good with that. They have a lot of experience with sprints and Jira.

Steve Conrad

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