Future is in cloud.
And the future is now!

Forget about infrastructure issues. Move to cloud and pay only for what you need at this point. Cloud computing simplifies data and applications, resulting in time, budget and resource savings.

Cloud Solution Models

Cloud computing is helping organizations to focus on what’s important and forget about all the recurrent work like maintenance, security updates, storage planning, etc.

Cloud Solution Models - AWS partner network

Cloud Infrastructure & Hosting Services

SolDevelo helps you pick the proper cloud deployment model, service level, and management options. Our AWS certified cloud consultants are at your service to advise and deliver the cloud ecosystem that will be tailored to your specific needs.

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Cloud Advantages

Save money

Move your servers to cloud and reduce infrastructure spendings by up to 50%.

Scale at your pace

Adjust all the parameters (CPU, storage, number of API requests, etc.) to your needs. Change them instantly as you grow.

Feel protected

Rest assured, your data is safe and can be easily recovered.

Deploy in seconds

This allows reducing time-to-market thanks to faster delivery of solutions to customers.

Unlimited storage

You grow even faster than expected? Don’t worry, that’s great! There are no limits in cloud storage capacity.

Easier collaboration

Team members can access all the instances from anywhere!

Cloud makes development easier. A web browser and Internet connection are the only things needed!

Cloud in numbers


Fortune 100 companies are using AWS cloud solutions

$947.3 bln

Cloud market size expected by 2026 (ReportLinker)


number of countries where AWS is being used

Are you ready to move to cloud? They are:

Is it hard to switch your project to cloud?

Cultural adjustments

Moving from on premise hosting to cloud hosting requires a comprehensive approach that includes the transformation of your organizational culture. Developers need to get used to the new requirements and notice the importance of DevOps workflow in order to appreciate it.

Legacy versions

Maintaining outdated versions of your system might be essential to some parts of the business. An experienced cloud engineer’s advice can help you decide whether your legacy software should be migrated to the cloud or kept on premise till the end of its existence.

Partial cloud usage

The lack of holistic approach to cloud adoption can cause unnecessary complications and development efficiency issues. To ensure your organization benefits from migrating to the cloud, think about it more strategically and try to involve all of the departments from the very beginning.

Industries that can benefit from moving to cloud

Cloud solutions for business


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