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 On this page, we go in-depth on the practical solutions we’ve developed for our clients. Learn how our expertise in software services has impacted companies in a variety of industries, tackling difficult problems and promoting creativity.

Redesign of OpenBoxes

OpenBoxes is an open-source Logistics Management Information System dedicated to health care institutions and supply chain managers in developing regions. We’re engaged in the OpenBoxes redesign project, aiming to improve user experience and create a consistent and modern user interface.

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envest community app software services

EnVest MVP App

EnVest is a community of environmental investors. To improve the efficiency of the initiative, a social application for the EnVest members was required. We’ve developed a solution that allows the users to communicate, add deals to the community, and search for funds and investments.

MediConnect Supply Chain App

MediConnect is a comprehensive supply chain management app tailored to the unique needs of the medical industry. It bridges the gap between pharmacists, hospital administrators, supply chain managers, and platform owners.

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Nexa Production Management App

Nexa app serves as the command center for employees, supervisors, and managers, ensuring smooth and efficient processes in the beverage production company.

GovStack Compliance Testing Platform

GovStack Compliance Testing Platform streamlines the assessment process, provides detailed insights, and supports continuous improvement, ultimately resulting in higher-quality software products and improved compatibility management.

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software services

Momento Marketing Management App

Momento is a comprehensive platform designed to empower marketers and businesses with tools for creating, managing, and analyzing marketing campaigns. This app serves as a one-stop solution for campaign management and analytics, helping users make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies.

Sustainable Home App

A mobile app to support a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle. It provides daily reports and rewards for completing eco-related tasks.

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