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Momento is a powerful and user-friendly marketing management app that revolutionizes the way marketers and businesses approach campaign management and analytics. With a seamless login process, intuitive campaign creation tools, comprehensive analytics tabs, and an organized list of all campaigns, this app empowers users to create, track, and optimize marketing campaigns with ease. It helps businesses achieve their marketing goals efficiently and effectively.


User Experience 

Product Design


Marketing Technology

software services


The scope of work for the Momento Marketing App included creating all screens from scratch, creating logo and brand identification as well as conducting the entire design process.

App description

Momento is a comprehensive platform designed to empower marketers and businesses with tools for creating, managing, and analyzing marketing campaigns. This app serves as a one-stop solution for campaign management and analytics, helping users make data-driven decisions to optimize their marketing strategies.


Design Process



Kick-off & Desk Research



Trends & Competitors Analysis



Observational Research & Value Proposition


Concept & Validation

Concept Development & Interface Architecture



UI Design, Prototyping, Style Guide

Login page

In addition to the standard login option, the user has the ability to log in through other platforms such as Google or Apple. For non-logged-in users, there is an option to create an account.

Campaigns list

Customized dashboard – ability to adjust the view depending on the role. The administrator can see the statistics of their employees, and each employee can check the history of tasks, plan the next ones and edit them.

Campaign creation

Easy creation of campaigns. Ability to personalize every aspect of it. In addition, the ability to select metrics to measure progress and assign roles to individuals responsible for specific elements of the campaign.


Analyzing all campaigns in one place allows the user to monitor the progress of the campaign, and enables quick ractions in case of unexpected drops. Statistics update every 4 hours.

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