How your typical team looks like?

We use Agile in the product development process, mainly Scrum, so among our employees, we have certified Scrum Developers, Scrum Masters and Product Owners. Moreover, we are ready to provide in every project QA Specialist and UX/UI Designer. According to Scrum’s best practices our typical team is made of 5 to 9 people.

Do you have certified employees?

Almost 70% of our employees have one of the Scrum certificates, all our testers have ISTQB certificate and 35% of our employees are Oracle Certified Professional Java Programmers. Furthermore, more and more of our employees become Ultimate AWS Certified Developers!

How big is your team and how quickly can you scale?

We hire over 70 developers. Depending on the project, we can offer different team size, ranging from a help of a single developer, to even multiple teams totalling to even 10 or more professionals. The bigger the project is, the more time we will need to assemble the team. Usually we can start a 5-man project around 4 weeks after our initial agreement.

Should I hire the whole Scrum team, or just some roles?

From our experience, the highest quality products come from wide cooperation and understanding of customer needs. Because of that, we are adjusted to the style of work where person with deep knowledge of your domain is delegated from your ground to work remotely on a great product together with us – however, if you wish, we can also provide certified product owner for you.


How do you handle long-distance communication?

We successfully develop projects for clients from almost all continents and from different time zones. All our developers speak English and use the best tech tools (i.e. Skype, Hangouts and Slack) in order to stay in touch with our clients every day.

How can I track project’s progress?

We have different working spaces in tools like JIRA, Gitlab, Github, Assembla where we invite client’s representatives to work with us. That makes the whole process transparent.

Do you provide technical documentation?

Yes, we consider the project incomplete without a proper documentation.

Who owns the rights to the source code?

All copyrights are transferred to the client when the project is finished.

What cooperation models can you offer?

We offer two cooperation models – Time & material and Fixed-budget.

How much will it cost me?

The price depends on the cooperation model. In the ‘time & material’ model, which is mostly chosen by our clients, and we prefer, the amount is based on the time our experts spend working on the project. If you wish to cooperate in a different model, just let us know- we are open to discuss.

Where can I find the exact prices?

For the exact estimation of a project or service you can ask directly by our contact form, which you can find here: Estimate my project.

You can also mail to: [email protected] 

Is it possible to hire selected developers after the realization of the project?

Yes, it is possible if we include it in our agreement.

Can I come to your office to see how you work?

Yes, after setting the suitable time and date. We want to make sure that people responsible for the service, in which client is interested in, are present in our office.

What do you do to ensure the end-product is bug-free and solid?

We use static code analysis, unit, and integration testing and tools like SonarQube. Depending on a size of the project, we assign a proper number of Quality Assurance Engineers to make sure that every product hasn’t got any bugs and it is stable.


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