Electronic Medical Record

Modern healthcare is not only more advanced but also more accessible than it has ever been before. A big part of it is thanks to various technological solutions, leveraged to enhance the delivery of patient care through innovations such as Electronic Medical Record systems.

Helping you in helping others

Healthcare industry is a complex and multifaceted sector that strives to deliver high-quality care amidst high costs and regulatory pressures. It faces significant challenges such as workforce shortages, disparities in access to care, and the need for ongoing medical education. 

Technology plays a crucial role in addressing these challenges by streamlining operations and enhancing patient care. Electronic Medical Record systems are designed to reduce the workload of medical professionals, allowing them to focus on saving people’s lives. They also increase accessibility of healthcare services for patients in remote areas.

Improving healthcare delivery in disadvantaged areas

Healthcare delivery issues are present all around the world. However, their impact is most severe in the developing countries, where economic and infrastructural factors are oftentimes hindering the growth of the healthcare sector. This, and the lack of proper tools and resources reflect a very limited access to medical help.

The situation calls for modern solutions. By leveraging technological advancements, we can create more reliable and effective healthcare systems. With telemedicine bridging the gap for patients in remote or underserved areas, and EMR systems improving the accuracy and availability of patient information, a new level of patient care is within our reach.

You’ve got challenges. We’ve got solutions

We provide powerful solutions to the key digital healthcare challenges that medical professionals have to deal with every single day.


EMR systems streamline workflows by digitizing medical records, reducing time spent on manual tasks like filing and retrieving documents.


Authorized healthcare professionals can access patient records instantly from anywhere with an internet connection, improving care coordination and decision-making.


EMR systems minimize errors associated with handwriting or misplaced documents, ensuring that patient information is legible, complete, and up-to-date.

Cost savings

By reducing paper usage, streamlining processes, and minimizing duplicate tests or procedures through better data sharing, EMR systems contribute to overall cost savings for healthcare organizations.

Data analysis

EMR systems enable healthcare providers to analyze large datasets to identify trends, track outcomes, and improve population health management.

Regulatory compliance

EMR systems help healthcare organizations comply with privacy and security regulations, such as HIPAA, by implementing robust data encryption and access controls.

Not sure what you need?​

Our experts are ready to answer your questions and help you choose the best solution to match your requirements.​

Human-shaped solutions

Our solutions are designed to serve people. We prioritize accessibility, flexibility, security, and the comfort of use.


We offer cost-efficient solutions for healthcare institutions in low- and middle-income countries. Our mission is to support those who need it the most.


We care for your data safety, and do our best to protect it. We hold our solutions to high security standards, and are dedicated to keeping your data safe from cyber threats.


Our solutions are designed to make medical professionals’ jobs easier, and help them in delivering care to patients.


Our solutions are open-source, which means they are highly customizable, and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the client.

Our experience

With extensive experience spanning years in EMR systems, we excel in deploying, customizing, and integrating software tailored to the healthcare professionals’ needs. Committed to delivering high quality solutions, we leverage open-source technologies to craft scalable, cost-effective tools. Trust us to be your reliable partner in achieving seamless EMR implementation and optimization, ensuring excellence in patient care and operational efficiency.

Our solutions


OpenMRS is an open-source Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system designed specifically for resource-constrained environments. It replaces traditional paper records, providing improved efficiency and higher accessibility to patient data.

Connect for Life

Connect for Life is a simplified variant of OpenMRS with expanded communication capabilities. It removes barriers between patients and medical professionals by allowing the exchange of real-time feedback on the patient's health, using simple text messages.


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