Public Services Digitalization

Enhance access, transparency, and accountability of public services. Leverage technology to serve citizens better. Embark on a public services digitalization journey.

Embracing innovation

Considering how huge of an impact digital solutions have on our everyday lives, it is no surprise that they also found their way into the public sector. Digital public services are quickly becoming a standard thanks to their efficiency and overall effectiveness.

However, with great improvement come great challenges, including high costs, interoperability issues, inconsistent infrastructure, and more. Since the digital transformation of public services is not just a trend, but a fundamental shift towards creating more efficient, accessible, and citizen-centric government operations, such issues need to be addressed. Otherwise neither government agencies nor citizens will be able to truly benefit from the digitized public services.

Driving public digital transformation

The digital transformation of public services is uneven in different parts of the world, and often met with critical challenges, especially in low- and middle-income countries. Governments that wish to digitize their services for the benefit of their citizens tend to struggle with finding the most efficient and affordable way to achieve that. Another common issue is the lack of interoperability between different tools, leading to doubled work and slower processes.

Implementing digital solutions designed with the thought of interoperability, customizability, and affordability in mind, is what helps ensure effective digital transformation, especially in underserved settings.

You’ve got challenges. We’ve got solutions

We provide powerful solutions to the key public digital transformation challenges that governments have to deal with every single day. With us, you can:

Improve access to public services

Reduce the time spent on paperwork by automating some of the processes, and increase accessibility to public services for the citizens who have trouble reaching stationary facilities.

Standardize your services

Set standards for your public services, and support them with a coherent ecosystem of efficient, interoperable tools.

Streamline your processes

Accelerate the flow of information, and integrate different parts of your system to achieve desired results faster and with less resources needed.

Take care of your unique needs

Compose your digital public services with the tools that you need, and incorporate features matching your specific requirements.

Human-shaped solutions

Our solutions are designed to serve people. We prioritize accessibility, flexibility, security, and the comfort of use.


We offer cost-efficient solutions, suitable for government agencies operating in resource-constrained settings. Our mission is to support those who need it the most.


We care for your data safety, and do our best to protect it. We hold our solutions to high security standards, and are dedicated to keeping your data safe from cyber threats.


Our solutions are open-source, which means they are highly customizable, and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the client.


Our solutions are designed to make public sector professionals’ jobs easier, and help them collect any type of data in any type of setting.

Our experience

We’ve worked with many government agencies, providing them with the right tools and support in their digital transformations in multiple different sectors. Thanks to the deep understanding of common struggles and challenges of public institutions, we’re able to deliver the most optimal solutions to their needs.

Our solutions


Open-source toolkit that provides easy access to a variety of digital solutions designed to facilitate government processes and fit into complex workflows.


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