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Every digital project is like a microcosmos, with its own distinctive laws and requirements that allow it to function properly. We’ve designed our offer to support you in building these tiny universes, and provide you with all the elements that you need.

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Project standards - Agile software development

Agile Project Management

The Agile project management method enables a quick verification of different directions of development of the program so that it can naturally evolve towards better solutions.

We will support you at any phase of your software development project, from the concept through implementation to the up-and-running solution, and maintenance.

Examples of technologies and tools we specialize in


Java/JEE, Python, JavaScript, C#, Objective-C, Swift, Ruby

Web Frameworks

React, Angular, Django, Spring WebFlow, Bootstrap, Zend, Symfony, Experess, Ruby on Rail

Cloud & Hosting

AWS, Microsoft Azure

Database Environments

MySQL, PostgreSQL, HSQLDB, CouchDB, MongoDB, MariaDB, SQLite, Oracle, Hypersonic


Android SDK, Android Designer, React Native, Bitrise, Appium, Robotium, MonkeyRunnert

Web Technologies

ASP:NET, Node.js, Chart.js, Knockout.js, Bluebird, React, Redux, Leaflet, Backbone.js, jQuery AJAX, (S)CSS, LESS, XHTML, Docker, Dokku, Redis, J2EE, XML, SOAP, WSDL, RickFaces, JSP, JSF

Full-Cycle Software Development

We offer full-cycle software development services, from business analysis, and design phase, through implementation, and integration to testing, and further support services.

We develop software with the use of Agile methodologies and follow their best practices, including continuous integration, test-driven development, and code quality metrics. We can provide you with a whole analysis of the project, made by our expert. Our experts will provide you with a full analysis of your project, making sure that the final product meets all your expectations.s. We will ensure that the final product meets all your expectations.

Mobile & Web Solutions

Our developers are well acquainted with mobile technologies and have experience in developing applications on mobile platforms.

We deliver first-class mobile solutions in business, games, and GIS field, using the latest technology stack for building mobile-first websites. Our team has many years of experience in building world-class CMS solutions that consist of site building, backend development, theming, maintenance, and managed hosting.

13+ years of experience

in app development

Mobile App Development

Whether you need to build the application from scratch, or need a partner for smart customization of the existing platform, SolDevelo is your highly experienced development team.

We take responsibility for the whole development process, you just tell us what kind of solution you need, and what features you require. You can count on our experts to advise you on technology and solutions to bring the results you request.


UX / UI Design

At Soldevelo, we provide various UX Design packages that lower the cost of your project by reducing development time, eliminating possible mistakes and increasing your product performance. We are the experts in providing quality design solutions for every business need and budget.

Whether you start a project from scratch or need to develop a new feature, our UX Team will provide personalized methodologies and deliverables specifically for your business needs.

Web App
Web Design
Mobile App
UX Audit

MVP Development

Save money

Building an MVP requires a smaller investment of time and resources compared to building a full-featured product. This makes it easier for startups to validate their product ideas without spending a lot of money upfront.

Validate your product faster

By launching an MVP and getting feedback from real users, startups can quickly identify what works and what doesn’t. This feedback can then be used to improve the product and guide future development efforts.

Reduce risk

Building an MVP allows startups to test their product ideas without committing a large amount of time and resources upfront. This reduces the risk of failure and makes it easier to pivot or change direction if necessary.

Outsourcing &
Team Extending

Fill up the gaps in your project with our experienced Developers, QA, and Managers, and work directly with certified professionals. We provide from junior to expert roles in key IT technologies.

Share your needs, and we will support you accordingly – a dedicated team of our specialists will be delegated for a set period of time to work on your project. We engage in both nearshore and offshore outsourcing to provide you with modern solutions wherever you need them.

SolDevelo Software Development Team

Nearshore & Offshore Outsourcing

Owing to our extensive experience in cooperation with multinational corporations in the IT industry, we can support our partners at any phase of IT projects by delegating our team or a single specialist for a set time. It reduces the risk, time, and capital invested in the recruitment and employment processes, allowing thus to start the work right away, without any time gap.

Transparency is one of the Agile pillars, and we are aware that it is essential for our clients. We make sure that all teams in our company work transparently. The clients can always track project progress on Jira, Assembla, or any other issue and project tracking tools.

10+ years of experience
Lower cost & time of recruitment
Highly qualified engineers
Two work models with your full control over the process

Skills in numbers


Certified SCRUM professionals


Certified Professional Java Programmers


QA with ISTQ Foundation

Cloud & Hosting Services

SolDevelo will guide you to the right cloud deployment model, service level, and management options. Depending on your needs, our experts can help you evaluate the cost and risks of improving your infrastructure, and assist you in putting the entire plan into action, if a new solution is right for you.

Cloud Solution Models - AWS partner network

Quality and Safety

We offer a comprehensive software tests outsourcing solution, including performing acceptance tests, evaluating the quality of code or whole applications, and automating quality assurance processes. Our experts have several years of experience in developing and testing software. Highly-qualified QA team verifies the developed software with respect to the documented requirements in each project. We focus on actual testing, performed by means of executing the software with the intention of identifying bugs/defects throughout the implementation process.

Depending on your needs, we can check both quality and performance. During the whole process we offer complex Testing, Quality Assurance, and Quality Control.

Currently, we hold the certificate confirming the fact that our company has implemented a quality management system meeting the ISO 9001 standard. In 2017 we obtained another certificate – ISO 27001 – confirming that the information safety management system is active and effective.

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