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At SolDevelo, our expertise extends beyond just providing services; we forge deep partnerships to enhance both new and existing applications. Leveraging unique methodologies and the latest in security technologies, we are committed to understanding your unique challenges and designing solutions that are not only robustly secure but also align seamlessly with your business aspirations.

$10.5 trillion

Is how much cybercrime is projected to cost the world annually

61% of SMBs

Were the target of a Cybberattack in 2021

46% of attacks

Impact the business with fewer than 1,000 employees

In this Digital Age, Security Takes the Center Stage

Application security is foundational, seamlessly integrated into every stage of our development process through practices such as continuous security testing and adherence to international security standards. This ensures that every piece of software we design not only meets but exceeds the security expectations in today’s threat landscape.

Tailored Solutions, Genuine Partnerships

Your enterprise is one of a kind, and its security needs a custom touch. We take pride in deeply understanding your goals and potential roadblocks. For us, security transcends beyond the initial coding phase—it encompasses the holistic creation and vigilant maintenance of applications to guard against evolving cyber threats. Our aim is to craft solutions that not only secure your digital assets but also elevate your brand’s reputation through unwavering reliability and trust.

Empower Current Applications with Enhanced Security Against Modern Threats

Below are the services we offer to safeguard your digital assets:

Threat Modeling

Identify and assess potential threats and vulnerabilities within your application to prioritize security efforts effectively.

Security Scanning

Comprehensive analysis of the environment to uncover hidden vulnerabilities, ensuring your infrastructure is resilient against attacks.

Development Partners

Integrate security into the development lifecycle, applying best practices from the start to minimize vulnerabilities without extra workload.

Cloud Testing

Specialized security assessments of your cloud services to detect misconfigurations and vulnerabilities, ensuring your cloud infrastructure is secure.

Vulnerability Scanning

Conduct thorough penetration tests using modern, compliant solutions to identify and mitigate exploitable weaknesses in your systems.

Code Review

Leverage our experienced development team to review your codebase, ensuring adherence to security best practices and standards.

True security isn’t a destination; it’s a pursuit. We zone in on critical elements, rooted in thorough risk assessment, allowing you to make decisions from a position of strength and foresight.

Hand in hand for Enhanced Security Oversight

Continuous Monitoring & Insights

Customized to your needs, our monitoring solutions provide real-time data, allowing swift issue identification and consistent application optimization.

Beyond Deployment Commitment

We stand by you, even after your software goes live. With continuous surveillance, periodic updates, and scheduled security drills, we ensure your application’s lasting vigor and flexibility.

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Our dedication to perpetual learning positions us at the forefront of the tech arena. Our development team remains synced with evolving trends, tools, and security protocols. Moreover, our commitment to the tech community motivates us to champion security enhancements for open-source ventures we ally with.

From necessity to strategic advantage

Partnerships built on a strong foundation of trust and mutual understanding is something we strive for with every project we undertake. After all, your software security is based on you trusting us to be diligent and knowledgeable about our job. Our task is to get to the bottom of the challenges you’re facing, and come up with effective solutions. This client-centric mindset allows us to approach each case with high focus and deep care.

At SolDevelo we believe that true understanding yields true solutions. With that in mind, we will design a security audit plan and solution roadmap that perfectly aligns your business goals with industry standards, provide you with comprehensive reports, and support you throughout your software security journey.

Damian Borowiecki
Technical Lead

List of Deliverables


Security Consultation Summary

A document outlining your current security posture, potential threats, and specific needs identified during our initial consultation.


Comprehensive Security Assessment Report

Includes findings from DAST, SAST, SCA, penetration testing, and threat modeling, highlighting vulnerabilities, threat priorities and potential impacts.


Cloud Security Evaluation Report

A detailed analysis of your cloud infrastructure's security, identifying misconfigurations, vulnerabilities, and compliance gaps.


Remediation and Enhancement Plan

Actionable recommendations for addressing identified vulnerabilities and threats, tailored to your technology stack and business context.


Implementation Guidance Document

A guide to integrating recommended security measures, including best practices and automated security checks, into your development and operational processes.


Continuous Monitoring Framework

A strategy for ongoing surveillance of your application's security status, including setup details for necessary tools and protocols.


Feedback and Improvement Sessions Summary

Regularly scheduled session overviews, focusing on discussing new threats, feedback on implemented measures, and potential areas for improvement.


Post-Deployment Support Plan

An outline of the support structure provided post-deployment, including escalation paths, contact information and review schedules.

Real-life stories

Learn more about us in practice. Check our software security case studies.

openIMIS Security Testing

We conducted comprehensive openIMIS security testing to identify the app’s vulnerabilities and improve its protection against threats. Learn which areas we tested and what we found.

Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing is a simulated cyberattack on a computer system conducted to identify and fix security vulnerabilities, ensuring the system’s defenses are robust against real threats.

Denial of Service

DoS attacks aim to disrupt services, networks, or applications by overwhelming them with excessive requests or other forms of disruption.

openimis security testing software services

Injection and Forgery

Injection is an attack technique that exploits flaws in input validation by injecting malicious code into a system. Forgery involves tricking a user into performing unwanted actions on a web application where they are authenticated.

Authentication and Access Control

Authentication is the process of verifying the identity of a user or system. Access control, on the other hand, manages permissions and enforces policies to restrict access to resources.

Security Misconfiguration

Security misconfiguration occurs when security settings are not properly defined or implemented, leading to vulnerabilities that can be exploited by attackers.

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