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The potential of your business is boundless. As long as it has a safe space to grow. Move your supply chain management system to the cloud, and never worry about infrastructure limitations again.

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What is OpenBoxes

OpenBoxes is an open-source supply-chain management system developed mostly for healthcare needs, also taking into account places where existing infrastructure for electronic inventory management is limited. With minimal hardware requirements, flexible implementation options, an intuitive user interface, and user-friendly workflows, the software provides immediate results for the organizations working in challenging environments, who are looking for better inventory control and planning possibilities.

Main Features

Hosting Subscription packages


$169/mo yearly

$199/mo monthly

Suitable for those who want to use OpenBoxes on cloud instances on a small scale.

You will get:


$199/mo yearly

$229/mo monthly
Suitable for medium-size organizations and businesses who want to use OpenBoxes in the cloud.

You will get:


Contact us for the price

Together we will discover your needs and create a subscription model designed especially for you. If you need a unique hosting offer that matches all of your requirements, the premium package is what you’re looking for!

You will get:

14 Day Free Trial

If you are unhappy for any reason, let us know within 14 days, and we will give you your money back

Additional Services

System configuration & data migration


Application configuration according to your organization workflows and migration of your previously stored supply-chain data to OpenBoxes.

User Training


Screensharing video conference with our expert according to your needs.

Feature Development

Price dependent on the scope

Adding a new functionality to the system or expanding an existing one based on your requirements.

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Our competences

SolDevelo is a key OpenBoxes partner. Since 2018 we’ve been continuously contributing to the system development, quality assurance, testing and maintenance. Thanks to the long-term involvement in the project, we’ve gained vast knowledge on different aspects of the application. Moreover, our company has significant experience with cloud services, proven by the title of Amazon Web Services Partner. With both the system knowledge and web services experience, we can provide you with OpenBoxes hosting of the highest standard, and truly meet your expectations with support provided by our experts.

SolDevelo Software Development Team

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