Data Collection

Simplify data collection, amplify analysis, and drive results. Empower your reaserch with versatile data collection solutions that will make your job easier.

Harnessing the power of data

Data is the fuel for decision-making. Without accurate, up-to-date information, we’re often left guessing, which inevitably leads to errors. Researchers around the world work hard to collect and analyze data for countless purposes, and do what they can to deliver correct results. However, traditional paper-based form collection is prone to mistakes, vulnerable to destruction, and slow to process.

The high demand of various kinds of data makes it difficult to keep up, especially without a dedicated digital tool designed to speed up the data collection process, expand data analysis capabilities, and improve the overall efficiency. To tackle these problems, we offer robust solutions that are flexible and applicable in a variety of contexts.

Empowering researchers from different fields

Our offer answers the needs of researchers working with a wide range of different data types. High customizability supports a variety of fields, including:

Can't find your field on the list?

Check in with us to work out a personalized approach that would meet your specific needs.

You’ve got challenges. We’ve got solutions

We provide powerful solutions to the key data collection challenges that researchers have to deal with every single day. With us, you can:

Streamline data collection processes

Replace traditional paper-based data collection methods with a quicker and more efficient digital option. Reduce the time spent on manual data entries, accelerate data transmission, and improve the data aggregation process.

Collect data in offline settings

Collect data in the field without worrying about the internet connection issues. Make sure your data is safe, and can be synchronized once the internet connection is available.

Standardize data collection

Create digital forms with predefined data formats, ensuring that data collected across different users and locations adhere to standardized formats. Simplify data analysis, and improve overall efficiency.

Monitor in real-time

Track progress, identify potential issues, and make timely interventions responding to the dynamically changing situation. Manage every step of the data collection, and stay in control of the process.

Human-shaped solutions

Our solutions are designed to serve people. We prioritize accessibility, flexibility, security, and the comfort of use.


We offer cost-efficient solutions, suitable for researchers operating in resource-constrained settings. Our mission is to support those who need it the most.


We care for your data safety, and do our best to protect it. We hold our solutions to high security standards, and are dedicated to keeping your data safe from cyber threats.


Our solutions are open-source, which means they are highly customizable, and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the client.


Our solutions are designed to make researchers’ jobs easier, and help them collect any type of data in any type of setting.

Our experience

Dealing with various types of data every single day, we know how challenging it is to collect, manage, and analyze it in an efficient manner. That awareness makes us deliver only solutions that we ourselves would be satisfied with as the users. Having worked with many professionals in resource-limited environments, we put extra care in supporting areas especially difficult for them to navigate, such as low internet connectivity management.

Our solution


Open-source software designed for data collection, management and storage in resource-limited environments.


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