Management Information Systems

Analyze data, streamline workflows, and improve tactical approach with Management Information Systems. Build your management processes on solid foundations.

Architecture of success

Accurate, timely data lies at the foundation of every effective management system. It plays a significant role in strategic decision-making and long-term planning.

Implementing dedicated MIS tools can transform any system to be more efficient, more reliable, and to make the best possible use of data. Our solutions are designed to help executives, managers and supervisors establish well-organized workflows, and manage data in a way most beneficial to their cause.

Empowering data management in LMICs

Low- and middle-income countries are largely disadvantaged when it comes to efficient management information tools. Many of them still rely on paper records that are less dependable and take more time to process than the digital ones.

For that reason, managers often lack crucial information, which affects their decision-making, and can slow down or even block crucial processes, affecting everyone involved.

You’ve got challenges. We’ve got solutions

We provide powerful solutions to the key management information challenges that executives and managers have to deal with every single day. With us, you can:

Improve access to your services

Implement efficient information management schemes to increase the accessibility of your services to those who need it, especially in the underserved areas.

Centralize data and increase its visibility

Avoid data fragmentation, and increase its accessibility. Establish functional workflows that will support your specific use case, and allow the user to find all the information they need in one place.

Automate your claim processing

Save time and resources by automating your processes, and reducing the number of errors. Provide your clients with quicker and more accurate claim reviews.

Analyze data for increased efficiency

Keep your finger on the pulse of every process, generate comprehensive reports, and make quick informed decisions based on the changing situation.

Expand your system’s functionality

Integrate your MIS solution with other systems to maximize the effectiveness of your processes, and eliminate any blockages. Add third-party payment gateways to your workflows for smooth, and safe payments.

Human-shaped solutions

Our solutions are designed to serve people. We prioritize accessibility, flexibility, security, and the comfort of use.


We offer cost-efficient solutions for institutions in low- and middle-income countries. Our mission is to support those who need it the most.


We care for your data safety, and do our best to protect it. We hold our solutions to high security standards, and are dedicated to keeping your data safe from cyber threats.


Our solutions are designed to make executives, managers and supervisors’ jobs easier, and help them in delivering value to their clients.


Our solutions are open-source, which means they are highly customizable, and can be adjusted to the specific needs of the client.

Our experience

We’ve been developing management information solutions for many years, and have gathered a lot of experience regarding the crucial needs of the user. Having worked on a number of successful implementations, we’re well-versed in the common issues local institutions are facing, and are ready to provide solutions to those issues. This experience, combined with a rich portfolio of open-source tools, and a high focus on quality and performance, makes SolDevelo a reliable choice for anyone looking for an effective MIS software.

Our solutions


Open-source Insurance Management Information System built to improve health financing schemes’ effectiveness in low- and middle-income countries.


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