OpenLMIS: Logistics Management

OpenLMIS is an open-source, web-based Logistics Management Information System (LMIS), built to answer the logistics needs of healthcare institutions in low- and middle-income countries.

About OpenLMIS

The system is a part of a complete solution designed to support transformation of the supply chain. The OpenLMIS initiative incorporates a community-focused approach to develop open-source and customizable LMIS systems, designed specifically for low-resource settings.

OpenLMIS benefits

OpenLMIS is a unique option on the digital logistics management landscape. Developed for facilities and institutions operating in underserved areas, it is well-accustomed to various challenges local professionals face on a daily basis. Aiming to serve as a comprehensive solution to these challenges, OpenLMIS offers a wide range of benefits that come from implementing it. 

Increasing supply chain visibility

Increases transparency of everything that happens within your supply chain, enabling better control and informed decision-making.

Delivering timely data

Provides timely, relevant data to enable more accurate choices, lowering the risk of mistakes, and allowing quick response to the changing situation.

Enhancing forecasting

Supports advanced, effective forecasting mechanisms, allowing to significantly lower stockout rates, and ensure supply demands are met.

Streamlining processes

Allows managing all major logistics processes in one application, and eliminates the problem of fragmentation, supporting a more centralized, more coherent approach. Reduces the time spent on repetitive tasks by applying automation features. 

Improving accountability

Enhances accountability by providing transparency and traceability throughout the supply chain, promoting responsible resource management. 

Supporting customizability

Modular architecture enables custom approach to the functionality and usage of the application. Thanks to a shared code base, the high flexibility is built on a solid foundation that is constantly being enhanced and updated.

Open source

As an open-source solution, OpenLMIS has its source code publicly available. It can be used and modified by anyone, allowing custom changes to be made. OpenLMIS has a large community of users and developers who actively contribute to the system and help in solving issues.

Key features

Stock management

Allows ongoing, real-time accounting of the current stock on hand and consumption levels.


Supports users in requisitioning new stock and approvals to generate an order for fulfillment.


Enables creating reports to aggregate, manage and organize data. Supports useful data analysis and data visualization options.


Used to receive and approve requisitions.

CEE management

Used especially for vaccine programs to track the status of the Cold Chain Equipment, and receive notifications once a breakdown occurs.

Mobile app

Allows users to access the system functionalities on mobile devices, enabling real-time data capture in any location.

Who is it for?

Government ministries of health

National and regional health ministries responsible for overseeing healthcare delivery and management of health commodities.

Central medical stores and warehouses

Facilities responsible for storing and distributing essential health commodities at the national or regional level.

Health facilities

Hospitals, clinics, health centers, and other healthcare facilities where health commodities are dispensed and used.

Non-governmental organizations (NGOs)

NGOs involved in healthcare delivery, public health programs, and humanitarian aid for managing supply chains.

Pharmaceutical companies

Companies involved in the production, importation, or distribution of medical supplies for managing inventory and distribution networks.

Public health agencies

National and regional public health agencies responsible for disease control, surveillance, and prevention for managing the distribution of health commodities during outbreaks or public health emergencies.

International organizations

International organizations for supporting their efforts to strengthen healthcare systems in LMICs.

SolDevelo’s role

Our role in the OpenLMIS project is divided into two elements. As a part of the Core Team, we are working closely with Vitaliance on developing new functionalities, enhancements and system fixes. As a part of the Country Team of each implementation, we are working on supporting countries using the OpenLMIS system.

Prioritizing quality

We believe that our clients deserve solutions of the highest quality. To maintain this standard, we’re continuously working on improving OpenLMIS’ performance, security, and code quality, putting all of our expertise and experience into the project. Learn more about our input:

Code quality in OpenLMIS: SonarCloud and GitHub Actions ->

Saving Costs with Progressive Web Applications  ->


OpenLMIS is used at over 11,000 health facilities across Africa, supporting logistics processes, and helping local professionals provide needed care to their patients. As of now, the system has been implemented in 9 countries: Tanzania, Zambia, Mozambique, Malawi, Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Benin, Angola, Cameroon.

Case studies

OpenLMIS transforms the approach to logistics management around the world. Learn more about its impact:

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