openIMIS: Insurance Management

openIMIS is an open-source Insurance Management Information System built to improve health financing schemes’ effectiveness in LMIC.

About openIMIS

The system is designed to produce operational reports to track all activities and the performance of insurance schemes, according to specified criteria. It is used by health insurance funds and ministries of health to manage patient registry, benefit packages, contracted providers, service claims and reimbursement, client feedback, monitoring and reporting, etc.

openIMIS is a fully functional, licensed open-source application, compatible with other technologies catering to Universal Health Coverage, such as the national HMIS (DHIS 2) in Tanzania.

SolDevelo’s role

SolDevelo is working closely with SwissTPH and GIZ in developing and maintaining the system in several countries. Currently we are also responsible for the integration of openIMIS with CoreMIS.

openIMIS benefits

openIMIS’ main focus is to bring the user as much value as possible. The application provides a number of benefits that proved to be game-changing for many insurance management professionals around the world.

Highly accessible

openIMIS was created mainly for the users in low- and middle-income countries. Therefore, it is built to function on simple devices in the areas with unstable internet connection.


The application serves beneficiaries, health facilities, and scheme operators, and supports multiple different use cases such as health insurance, employment injury insurance, and cash transfers.


openIMIS increases efficiency and reduces operational costs. It supports healthcare facilities in low-income countries to provide them with a high quality solution with minimized costs.


With openIMIS, all insurance management-related processes are much faster and more efficient. Data moves smoothly through the workflow, and is guaranteed to reach its destination.


Designed with the user’s best interest in mind, openIMIS is intuitive and easy to learn. Moreover, it is highly customizable and ready to answer the needs of various user types.

Open source

openIMIS source code is publicly available, and can be used by anyone. It makes the system easy to customize and adjust to one’s needs. openIMIS is also supported by an active community of people who are open to discussions on any issues or new ideas.

Key features

Centralized web-based application

openIMIS is equipped with all basic health insurance management features, such as enrolment, renewals, identification enquiry, contribution collection, claiming, provider payment, and feedback collection. Gathered within one application, they allow smooth management of all processes required.

Applicable to multiple types of schemes

The system can be easily applied to different types of health insurance schemes (community-based, district, regional or national schemes), encompassing different enrolment modalities, benefit packages and provider payment mechanisms.

Modular architecture

openIMIS is designed to fit different use cases, and serve as a solution for users’ individual needs. Modular architecture provides customizable experience that can be adjusted to a number of different workflows.

Beneficiary management

The application supports a full process of beneficiary enrollment for individuals, families, employers, and employees, including all beneficiary-related elements such as benefit packages, providers, claim generation, review, processing, payments, and data analysis.

Claim management

Claims can be submitted and reviewed within the application. The approved claims can have the reimbursements to healthcare providers calculated.

Payment management

openIMIS supports cash transfer schemes, and allows the user to define payment criteria and generate a payroll. Payments can be individually tracked.


Scheme performance can be analyzed with reporting and data visualization features.

QR codes

The system allows quick and cost-effective patient identification with QR codes.

Various installation methods

The application can be installed offline, and synchronized with the central database whenever the internet connection is available, or manually through data storage devices.

Multilanguage support

The application is available in multiple languages (e. g. English, Kiswahili, Nepali, French). New languages can be easily added.

Case studies

Learn how openIMIS solves real-life problems:

Improve your social protection delivery

Join our satisfied customers and master insurance management with openIMIS!


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