GovStack: Public Services Digitalization

GovStack provides easy access to a variety of digital solutions designed to facilitate government processes and fit into complex workflows. It’s a versatile, robust initiative that supports public services digitalization.

About GovStack

GovStack is a digital solution designed to support a new model of development, based on the interconnected ecosystem of universal reusable components called building blocks. It aims to solve the problems of interoperability, doubled work, and low scalability, often encountered by government agencies on their journey towards digital transformation.

The solution is developed by a collaborative group of the Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), the Government of Estonia, the International Telecommunication Union (ITU), and the Digital Impact Alliance.

GovStack benefits

GovStack was created to eliminate prevailing challenges governments have to deal with on their digital transformation journey. It supports a new approach to digital public services, and provides all the elements necessary to successfully implement solutions that are made-to-measure.

Speed of delivery

Governments can provide digital services faster, since they have access to reusable interchangeable components of which new platforms can be built.


GovStack solutions are based on open-source, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS), or freely available software, meaning that they can be used and developed with low cost or free of charge.

High scalability

The solutions offered on the GovStack platform are prepared for the fluctuating demands of different public services. To meet these demands, they are designed with scalability in mind.

Improved efficiency

GovStack building blocks are designed to meet the needs of government institutions and their complex workflows, maximizing the efficiency of all kinds of processes.


Interoperability lies at the very foundation of the GovStack initiative. Its main purpose is to facilitate seamless communication and collaboration across different government departments and agencies.

Enhanced security

Since government digital operations are most often involving sensitive data, GovStack offers tools dedicated to providing a high security level.

Increased agility

Open-source based solutions are highly customizable, and can be quickly adjusted to unexpected circumstances, such as the global pandemic.

Citizen engagement

Improving user experience and solution accessibility is reflected in the increased citizen engagement and satisfaction.

Key Building Blocks

GovStack is a solution that increases the accessibility of other solutions. For that reason, features provided to the user vary depending on their specific needs. Generally speaking, GovStack building blocks cover all areas essential to the effective delivery of public services, including:

Digital registries

This building block supports electronic databases, allowing users to capture, store, and process various types of data. The information can be grouped and organized to increase visibility and accessibility.


This building block enables applicants to register by providing required information. The registration request is validated, and the received data is processed.

Identification and verification

This building block supports the entire life cycle of personal data, allowing to onboard new identities, update the existing ones, issue unique identifiers and credentials, verify identity, and more. Various approaches to identity systems are available: central, federated, and distributed. 

Information mediator

This building block allows interoperability between other building blocks. It provides a smooth and safe way for different parts of the system to communicate with each other. 


This building block provides a comprehensive set of payment features. It enables digital financial payments to be made, validated, tracked and processed, and offers interoperability options to safely include external applications in the workflow.

Check the full list of features provided by GovStack ->

Who is it for?

Government agencies

GovStack serves as a comprehensive solution for government agencies at all levels (local, regional, national) to streamline their operations, improve efficiency, and enhance service delivery.

Public administrators

Public administrators responsible for managing government operations, resources, and policies can leverage GovStack to optimize processes, promote transparency, and achieve strategic objectives.


GovStack provides policymakers with valuable insights and data-driven decision-making tools to formulate and implement effective policies, regulations, and initiatives that benefit citizens and communities.

IT departments

IT departments within government organizations can utilize GovStack to modernize their infrastructure, ensure data security and compliance, and facilitate digital transformation initiatives.

Government contractors

Companies and contractors providing services or solutions to government agencies can benefit from GovStack by aligning their offerings with government standards, regulations, and interoperability requirements.

Citizens and residents

Ultimately, GovStack aims to enhance the overall citizen experience by enabling governments to deliver more effective public services, and promote transparency and accountability.

SolDevelo’s role

SolDevelo has been involved in the GovStack project since the end of November, 2022. We’ve formed a team that created the test harness responsible for testing digital public goods against Building Block’s API specification. We’re also developing a testing platform, which is used to show how candidate products align with the technical specifications that have been developed by GovStack Building Blocks. Check how we contributed to the initiative:

Compliance testing platform for GovStack ->

Case studies

Explore our engagement in the continuous improvement of GovStack:

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