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OpenBoxes is an open-source supply chain management system that allows the user to take full control over all crucial logistics processes, including inventory management, stock movement, reporting, and more.

About OpenBoxes

openboxes logistics management

OpenBoxes was created specifically for low-resource settings where existing infrastructure for electronic inventory management is limited. With minimal hardware requirements, flexible implementation options, an intuitive user interface, and user-friendly workflows, the software provides immediate results for the organizations working in challenging environments, who are looking for better inventory control and planning possibilities.

While OpenBoxes was originally built to address the specific needs of healthcare supply chains and supply chain staff in developing countries, since then new workflows and features have been implemented, making the application adaptable also in other contexts.

OpenBoxes benefits

Effective supply chain management software is essential to successfully and efficiently plan, navigate, and execute processes related to the flow of items between facilities. OpenBoxes’ versatility makes it a perfect fit for multiple types of organizations. Additionally, as an open-source solution, it is built and developed by a community of users, making it a cost-effective, customizable, and transparent solution.

Applicable in many different contexts, OpenBoxes answers the challenges that every supply chain manager has to deal with:

Increasing stock visibility

Maximizes stock visibility across all facilities and departments within an organization. Allows more informed and effective decision-making.

Eliminating stock outs

Informs the user if stock levels fall below reorder and minimum quantity. It prevents stock outs from occurring, and reduces the risk of financial losses.

Reducing waste

Uses a first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) picking strategy to help effectively manage inventory before expiry dates, resulting in reduced waste.

Improving traceability

Provides insights on lot numbers and product expiration dates to better handle exceptional product life cycle events like product recalls.

Accurate forecasting

Provides information about demand for better resources planning and forecasting.

Highly customizable

The system can be easily customized to answer the unique requirements of any organization. It can support new workflows or have new features added, as well as be successfully integrated with other software. Additionally, OpenBoxes’ wide configuration options create a lot of room for new use cases, e.g. with some adjustments, it can serve not only as a warehouse management system but also as an asset management tool.

Mobile app (beta)

Available for scanner devices to help warehouse staff work with inbound workflows (especially receiving incoming shipments and stock “putaways”) and outbound workflows (especially picking and packing stock for outgoing shipments). 

Open source

The source code is publicly available, and can be used and modified by anyone. OpenBoxes is also supported by a community of users engaging in discussions and ready to provide help, should someone encounter any issues.

Key features

OpenBoxes is a comprehensive solution that allows comfortable and effective supply chain management, providing the user with all the substantial features required to optimize logistics-related processes. 

It assists the user on every step of the supply chain, offering intuitively designed flexible features applicable to multiple different use cases.


Dashboard provides the user with a summary of all the essential information regarding the current status of their supply chain. It allows the user to quickly obtain the latest data, and make efficient, informed decisions.

openboxes logistics management
Inventory management

The user can manage all essential information in one place, making it easier and quicker to make effective decisions. The application also supports inventory tracking, keeping the user updated on expiry, damage, and loss, and providing useful reports.

Electronic stock card

The user can create an electronic stock card for each item, and store information in a well-organized database.

openboxes electronic stock card
Electronic stock card
Custom attributes

To answer the varying needs of the users, custom attributes can be added to the items:  temperature requirements, hazardous material class, and import/export requirements (e.g. for controlled substances). 

Stock movements management

The user can manage the movement of stock between multiple locations in multiple regions. To quicken the process, stock movement can be based on a preset stock list. 

The application is equipped with automated picking based on the first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) algorithm to help optimize the stock movement workflow.

Location hierarchy

Varied location hierarchy levels allow more precise stock movement management, based on the geographical location, facility, placement within facility, and internal locations.


The user has a wide choice of reports to keep an eye on every part of the supply chain and effectively manage all processes.

openboxes report
Report example

There are different roles available (Superuser, Manager, Read-only). The user can assign permission levels by role. It is also possible to restrict user access by location.

Email notifications

The system supports shipment event email notifications.

Multiple languages

OpenBoxes is available in English, Spanish, and French. The user can store custom translations in the local database. There are also custom translations for certain fields available.

SolDevelo’s role

SolDevelo has been a key OpenBoxes partner since 2018. At the beginning, we worked with Partners in Health (PIH) and Justin Miranda to develop a new version of the system. Ever since we accomplished this challenge, SolDevelo has been continuously contributing to OpenBoxes development, quality assurance, testing and maintenance

Learn more about the SolDevelo & OpenBoxes cooperation ->

Case studies

OpenBoxes redesign project

SolDevelo is engaging in multiple different aspects of OpenBoxes development, with the main goal of continuously improving the app, and providing the user with best experience possible. One of the projects was OpenBoxes redesign, focused on giving a more user-friendly look to the app and enhancing its UX/UI quality.

Learn more about OpenBoxes redesign project ->

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