openIMIS in Moldova: Tackling the undeclared work problem

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OpenIMIS will be implemented in the Republic of Moldova to support the government authorities in their efforts to tackle the undeclared work problem in the agricultural sector, and improve the social protection of day laborers.

In this article you will learn about the project, its scope and purpose, as well as the expected results.


OpenIMIS is an open-source software designed to assist healthcare institutions and facilities in efficiently handling data and overseeing health protection operations. The system is effective across a range of functions, such as facilitating health insurance schemes, voucher schemes, and cash transfer schemes, ultimately contributing to the enhancement of global health insurance coverage.

SolDevelo has been actively involved in the development of openIMIS for many years, and will be taking part in the system’s implementation in Moldova.

The Challenge

The Government of the Republic of Moldova is dealing with a problem of an underdeveloped core labor standards regime. The prevailing tendency to undeclared work, especially in the agricultural industry, undermines the country’s economy and prevents employees from receiving proper social protection. To combat this issue, The Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, with the assistance of the International Labour Organization, are working on structuralising the system and improving the labor conditions of Moldovan people.

One of the core elements in this process is the implementation of openIMIS. It is to be customized for the context of Moldovan situation and integrated with several government platforms to ensure the seamless exchange of data.

The Solution

The aim of this project is to develop a system based on openIMIS that will be responsible for handling a Voucher Scheme. Verified employers will be obligated to purchase vouchers, here understood as tokens for work performed by agricultural workers, and assign them to day laborers for a specific time frame. 

The employers will be able to assign only the vouchers that they have paid for. After the day of work is finished, the payment will be transferred to the social insurance budget and the state budget on behalf of the day laborer that the voucher was assigned to. It won’t be possible for the employer to retrieve the funds, once they purchase a voucher, nor to retroactively revoke the voucher that has already been assigned.

The system will be designed to help tackle the undeclared work issue and increase the visibility of day laborers’ employment, allowing the labor inspectors to effectively monitor the situation and detect any attempts at fraud.

Main functionalities

There are three main groups of functionalities that are to be developed and implemented within this project.


The solution will mostly rely on the voucher system. It will be integrated with several other platforms, to handle payments, fund transfers, voucher requests, assignments, management, etc.

QR Codes

One of the main parts of the system’s functionality will be the usage of QR codes. They are to be generated for each worker so that it is easy to scan the code and check if the day laborer has an active voucher assigned for that day. This feature will not only help employers and workers keep track of the vouchers, but will also allow labor inspectors to quickly verify if the employer fulfills their legal obligations of purchasing vouchers and assigning the workers.

Authorization and authentication (using eGOV systems)

The system must be integrated with several government platforms, such as MPass, Mpay, MCabinet, etc., to ensure a quick and safe transfer of data and funds. Employer authorization, data integration, and worker registration are also required, and will be included in the project.

The Expected Results

The time frame for this project is 3 months, and the final product is expected to be delivered by the end of this year. The solution will be based on openIMIS, with additional context-specific modifications and integrations included. The newly developed system will be used by Moldovan employers and day laborers to increase the transparency and measurability of work, and reduce the possibility of fraud.

We are excited to be taking part in such an important initiative. OpenIMIS is a versatile solution proven capable of solving many problems all around the world. It’s a great honor to participate in its development and support its growth in new directions. 


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