Fully remote work at SolDevelo? It’s possible!

remote work

In recent years, the concept of remote work has gained significant popularity, allowing individuals to break free from the traditional office environment and work from anywhere, as long as there is an internet connection. But is it truly possible to work effectively remotely?

Of course, it is! What’s more, SolDevelo proves it at every step, fully supporting this concept. Let’s start with the fact that when applying to SolDevelo, the job advertisement clearly informs you that there’s a possibility to work remotely. You may think – that’s nothing unusual, but there is a noticeable trend such that companies are ceasing to fully offer remote work and are pushing more toward hybrid work or a full return to the office. What’s more, job advertisements often don’t say what the work will actually be like, and under the name “hybrid work” there is a compulsion to work 50% at home and 50% in the office, or even more, without a choice for the employees to decide how they would like to work.

At SolDevelo, we give that choice. Everyone is welcome in the office, no matter where you are from. Each team has a delegation budget – that is, if someone from far away wants to come and work from the office then they can – they get reimbursed for hotel accommodation and for travel expenses. You can come to the office whenever you want, but if you prefer your comfy slippers, you can always stay home and work from there, watching your neighbor through the window as he furiously has to get into his car to drive 50 kilometers to work. We currently have people working with us from all over Poland, not necessarily living in Gdynia or the surrounding area!

Remote work and mental health

According to research studies, remote work can significantly affect an employee’s mental health:

remote work
Source: https://www.zippia.com/advice/remote-work-burnout-statistics/ 

So, you’re probably curious about how we at SolDevelo take care of our employees. 

Let’s start by saying that once you become a SolDevelo employee, you will receive a package from us, which includes work equipment and gifts like nice socks. Nowadays everyone likes nice socks, right? There is also, for example, a backpack that will hold your laptop, so if you feel like leaving the house and going to our office, you are fully prepared! The company also subsidizes electricity and internet for remote workers, so the cost of working from home decreases.

Well, okay, but does it actually support the well-being of the employee? Isn’t it more about building a healthy relationship with one’s colleagues and supervisor? 

Of course, that’s what the company is about, too. We have team-building events with the whole company and project-based team-building meetings. It starts with meetings at a restaurant and ends with a board game night. It depends on what the employees feel like doing and what ideas they propose. The HR/Administration team is always willing to listen to ideas for team-building events.

However, if you feel like spending an evening with a good book and tea, you can get a Kindle E-book Reader from us, as well as every month’s subsidy for the purchase of your favorite books.

What about self-development? You can spend 4 working hours per month attending online courses. Hours can be cumulated for max. 2 months (so you can spend one whole working day for self-development and focus only on this). We provide each full-time employee with PLN 12,000 per year for further training and skill development after the probationary period.

Remote work and physical health

Working remotely we move less, they say! Isn’t such a lifestyle unhealthy for your body?

We make sure that the employee always has time to relax and step away from the computer. You have a paid break hour at your disposal during an 8-hour workday, and as if that wasn’t enough, at SolDevelo employees have flexible working hours. Need to get something done during the day because the city hall is obviously open during the least friendly hours for the average Joe? Nothing lost! You can work off the time spent in the city hall later.

If you are also interested in sports, we are open to creating sports teams – we are waiting for ideas and a sufficient number of volunteers. Currently, there is a SolDevelo soccer team – the group has an average of 8 players, playing recreationally every Wednesday in Gdynia! Moreover, we subsidize MultiSport Plus cards and Private Healthcare.

The freedom of choice

In summary, SolDevelo fully supports remote work, providing individuals with the freedom to work from anywhere. 

We prioritize employee well-being through thoughtful welcome packages, subsidizing expenses, and fostering healthy relationships through team-building events, among other things. With flexible working hours and opportunities for personal development, SolDevelo ensures a positive and fulfilling remote work experience for its employees.

Of course, there will be some downsides to such work, but they also depend on what type of person you are. As studies show, remote work can be mentally exhausting, but with the support of the company and supervisors, and taking care of your small space while working remotely, this burden can be negligible. For me personally, working remotely at SolDevelo has made life easier. I don’t have to take a day off to get things done at the city hall and I don’t waste time commuting. The time I save is used to develop my passions after work.

Okay! I’ve just finished my work for today, so it’s time to close my laptop and go right away to enjoy the rest of the day. All thanks to working remotely at SolDevelo.


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