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Agile Dashboard for Project Management is our 3rd product for the Jira platform, which was released at a very fast pace. The plugin’s purpose is to help the team assess its performance and spot problems or blockers faster. Agile Dashboard for Project Management widgets can point out problematic tickets and notify about discovered issues. It can also display the team’s most active tickets based on a number of criteria.

Agile Dashboard helps you in everyday project management by focusing on different areas vital for a project’s success.

It consists of three gadgets for your dashboard:

Team Reliability Rating – delivers data on your and your team’s performance.

  • Use the rating to spot a lack of estimation in issues, exceeded estimation, issues closed past due and long time since the last update in an issue.
  • Choose the users and projects you want to see the rating of.
  • Define the impact each factor has on the overall reliability score.
  • Monitor how the reliability of your team changes over time.

Hot Tickets – lets you know where goes your team’s effort.

  • Identify the most active tickets rated by the number of comments, worklogs, status changes and the sum of logged time.

Problematic Tickets – lets you spot challenges in issues.

  • Identify problems in your issues fast.
  • Find issues without estimation or description.
  • Find abandoned issues.
  • Find issues without the assignee.
  • Find issues that exceed estimation.

How does it work? Check our article about this plugin’s features: Agile Dashboard for Project Management- a few tips of project management step-by-step

Curious? Download and try for 30 days for free!

App documentation and support contact: SolDevelo- Agile Dashboard for Project Management


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