OpenBoxes collaborates with Kuehne+Nagel for Commonwealth Games 2022

Every great event needs great logistic tools in order to be successful. The Commonwealth Games organizers stayed true to this statement by choosing Kuehne+Nagel as their main logistics provider for this year’s edition. What makes it even more special is the fact that Kuehne+Nagel’s operations were supported by an open source – OpenBoxes. 

Find out how small open source can achieve big things, and provide successful solutions on a global scale.


The Client

Kuehne+Nagel is a globally acclaimed logistics specialist, operating in 106 countries, with nearly 1,300 offices worldwide, helping around 400,000 customers. Its mission is to deliver progress to society, by listening to clients’ needs, as well as by working towards sustainable solutions. During the Birmingham 2022 Commonwealth Games, Kuehne+Nagel’s task was to take care of transportation, receipt and forwarding.

They chose OpenBoxes to support them in the field of supply chain management. Being OpenBoxes’ close partners, SolDevelo developers greatly contributed to this project.


The Challenge

Kuehne+Nagel was planning to use eTrucknow – a road shipments management system dedicated to planning, booking and tracking shipments, as well as to streamlining operations. Therefore, they needed a warehouse management system that would be integrated with eTrucknow. The system would be used in the main warehouse during the Commonwealth Games 2022. And that is where OpenBoxes steps onto the stage.

First, it required a few adjustments to meet Kuehne+Nagel’s needs. Our developers took on the challenge and implemented the following:

  • ETN message processing, to pull and parse their information into the OpenBoxes system;
  • New dashboard specifically tailored for Kuehne+Nagel needs;
  • Improvements and adjustments within the core system to meet the requirements;
  • Mobile App to allow easy order processing (receiving, picking, packing, loading, etc.) in the warehouse and for easy warehouse stock management (putaways, transfers, etc.).

Our developers were also providing constant support for the whole team operating in the warehouse during the event, to make sure that the system works well and that the client is provided with high-quality service.


The Outcome

We had the pleasure of speaking with Maciej Błaszczyk from Kuehne+Nagel, who worked on this collaborative project. He voiced his satisfaction with the cooperation. OpenBoxes has met the expectations and provided the client with professional service. The cooperation was smooth and efficient, aligned with the principles and values of Agile. OpenBoxes team operated quickly and effectively, implementing required improvements to achieve the best possible result.

Maciej expressed his appreciation for how well-developed the OpenBoxes system is. He is also satisfied with the professional client service and troubleshooting. Based on this experience, he would recommend OpenBoxes to other companies, convinced that it has high chances of meeting their expectations.

Great atmosphere between the collaborating teams shaped the whole project into a pleasant and successful experience. Maciej said he would be willing to consider working with OpenBoxes on other projects in the future. 


Why OpenBoxes?

What is the secret behind OpenBoxes’ clients’ satisfaction?

One of its greatest advantages is flexibility. OpenBoxes can be deployed in many different contexts and it has capabilities to adjust to the situation, by utilizing new workflows and functionalities. While working with Kuehne+Nagel, our developers implemented new elements to the software, in order to fulfill the client’s needs. This ability to improve and expand the program is greatly valuable and can assure the success of many different projects.

OpenBoxes is mostly dedicated to supply chain professionals working in resource-scarce settings, where existing infrastructure for electronic inventory management is limited. However, it is also very useful in big commercial projects or events, such as the Commonwealth Games. 


With OpenBoxes you can:

  • increase stock visibility;
  • eliminate stock outs;
  • reduce wastage;
  • receive better forecasts;
  • adjust the software to your needs;
  • improve traceability.


OpenBoxes’clients are satisfied with the easy-to-use, intuitive system. It improves the tempo of work, as many of the necessary tasks are automated. OpenBoxes also helps in gathering more complex and integral data, which results in better understanding of products’ consumption. With better understanding there are also better strategies and higher numbers, as well as more satisfied customers.

A team of experienced developers from SolDevelo is supporting OpenBoxes with their versatile skills and vast knowledge. Thanks to their work customers can count on professional service of the highest quality.


If this story resonates with you, and you would like to boost your business’ success with the help of a great supply chain management tool, just like Kuehne+Nagel did, we can offer you our new service. It is dedicated to cloud-hosting of the best supply chain solutions out there.

Learn more and boost your business today: bloxmis.



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