We are a GOLD Atlassian Marketplace Partner

We are very proud to announce that SolDevelo has become a Gold Atlassian Marketplace Partner. The highest product and customer service standards have always been a priority for us and this achievement is a reflection of that. 

To make it happen, we took many different steps. In 2021 we entered the Cloud Fortified program. Our apps – Worklogs: Time Tracking and Reports,  Multiple Checklists for Jira, and  QAlity Plus – Test Management for Jira – met the 3 eligibility criteria which are:

  • Reliability – they are monitored according to consistent service level indicators and objectives. This results in a lower likelihood of bugs and failure incidents.  
  • Security – participation in initiatives and programs that ensure a high-security level.
  • Customer service – whenever you report a problem with a Cloud Fortified app, you can be sure that the Marketplace Partner support team will contact you within 24 hours (business days and hours).

As a result, the apps were granted the Cloud Fortified badge which is proof they meet the requirements mentioned above.    

Being a Gold Atlassian Marketplace Partner means we now meet all Atlassian’s standards when it comes to app security and customer experience.

DC-approved apps

Worklogs and Checklists have been Data Center approved. This means they are subject to rigorous efficiency tests every year. We test their performance and compatibility with different databases. We also make sure they don’t have a negative impact on Jira. Our goal for the near future is for all our server apps to be DC-approved. 


Atlassian has always prioritized the safety of cloud users and a big emphasis is put on that. As a part of providing the highest quality of security level, we entered:

Bug Bounty program through which we cooperate with independent security researchers who test the production versions of our apps and search for security-related bugs. They do it for a time long enough to be able to discover and report potential vulnerabilities. They are paid for their input, which we believe helps to maintain the high quality of their testing. The program lays emphasis on responsiveness we are in a consistent feedback loop with the researchers. Whenever a vulnerability is found, we are obliged to fix it. Whether we do that is regularly verified by Atlassian and it’s a condition to keep the Cloud Fortified badge we were granted.

Security Self-Assessment Program: once a year we complete a security assessment that is reviewed and approved by Atlassian. During the review process, we work with Atlassian to spot vulnerabilities and find areas for improvements. Its aim is to encourage mindfulness in three areas: data security, sensitive data handling, and backups and disaster recovery.


Being a Gold Atlassian Marketplace Partner means that our apps make a minimum of $500K annual gross sales and a minimum of 25% comes from cloud. This couldn’t be possible without our large base of customers who trust our services. 


When it comes to customer satisfaction, we can proudly say that QAlity Plus and Checklists have been rated the maximum number of stars on Atlassian’s marketplace, while Worklogs has got 3.5 stars out of 4. Clients value its effectiveness and its being user-friendly. Moreover, our customer service has been recognized for their response time, friendliness, and openness to feedback. Our response time is less than 1 working day.

Our processes are standardized which is confirmed by our Service Level Agreement (SLA). It ensures that we provide consistent IT service support to our customers. Among our objectives are:

  • We present a clear, concise, and measurable description of our service to the customer.
  • We provide services that match clients’ expectations.
  • Our roles and responsibilities are clearly defined.

The ultimate goal is to make sure that our apps provide a great customer experience, with our customers’ data being safe at the same time. 


Today, we can say that our efforts to provide our clients with superb products paid off. So far, we have reached 4489 active installations of our apps. This means 4489 organizations have installed our apps, with companies such as Disney and Netflix being among them. According to our estimates, this can equal around half a million active user licenses.

Keeping all these high standards led us to this day a day of becoming a GOLD Atlassian Marketplace Partner and our apps being officially recognized as secure, reliable, and associated with great customer care. However, our mission doesn’t stop here, as we are planning to continue delivering high-quality solutions and get even better every single day. 


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