The first SolDevelo conference


⇓ Snapshots from the conference ⇓


On Thursday’s (28.11) afternoon, we organized our first Conference, or Open Day if you prefer. The preparations took a lot of time, and effort to have everything ready for the final day.

We found 5 daredevils willing to present their knowledge in front of the company’s colleagues. Each of them prepared a presentation to easily explain and show the topic.


Agenda assumed 4 different issues.

UX/UI in Scrum project

Ola and Sebastian broke the first ice with their presentation about UI/UX work and role in Scrum projects. Recently, both have taken a two-day course run by in Warsaw, during which students who have at least a basic understanding of Scrum will learn how to combine UX practices with the way they work in Scrum. Of course, both passed a Professional Scrum with User Experience exam with a great score and received a certificate confirming their knowledge and skills. The PSU I assessment is a perfect thing for everyone who works on a product team, such as our presenters.


SolDevelo- scrum UX//UI presentation


SolDevelo- scrum UX//UI presentation


Git Hooks

The second presentation belonged to Oskar. As he summarized, his workshop was about Git Hooks that are scripts that run when certain git events occur. The main hooks and their purposes were shown. Also, as it’s installation is really easy, we’ve done some live coding of configuring a few of them. Some of the presented features were really interesting to the conference participants, so a lot of questions were asked at the end of his performance. Fortunately, the leader turned out to be an expert on the topic, so every question was not leave without an answer.

SolDevelo- Git Hooks presentation

SolDevelo- Git Hooks presentation

SolDevelo- Bayesian convolutional neural networks presentation


The Flutter

The third presenter, Artur, introduced us to the Flutter– a Google’s open-source UI toolkit for creating native applications for web, mobile, and desktops. The tool characterizes fast development from a single codebase which helps in quick experiments, expressive and flexible end-user experience, and native performance that incorporates all critical platform differences. The thesis that was made at the beginning of this presentation was: “Is Flutter the next great thing?”, and the answer isn’t clear, because, after a discussion, we agreed that it is a matter of the time. We can see Flutter’s potential, but it is rather a new solution, so we will be tracking its growth to confirm the thesis- or not. Artur is now working with Flutter on his own project, and his interests in this framework came rather from his hobby than from the regular work.

SolDevelo- Flutter presentation




Bayesian convolutional neural network

The last one, who wanted to share with us his knowledge and experience was Adrian, who wrote some words about his presentation: My presentation was about the Bayesian convolutional neural networks, its pros, and cons. I wanted to present it in relation to other types of neural networks, furthermore, I wanted to show that neural networks are not complicated and only for complex tasks, nobody knows how big and complex. Bayesian convolutional neural network is a tool, which isn’t affected by problems of the convolutional neural networks like data hunger (often millions of examples in order to train) or lack of uncertainty prediction(overly confident based on data which CNN possess). BCNN isn’t affected by those problems but has one of its own. It’s the need for computation power and resources. Whenever problem appears solutions appear too. The same is here but BCNN started his journey and who knows where it will end? 

SolDevelo- Bayesian convolutional neural networks presentation

SolDevelo- Bayesian convolutional neural networks presentation

SolDevelo- Bayesian convolutional neural networks presentation


What more to add? 🙂

The best thing referring to the conference was that we confirmed our organizational possibilities, which is totally different than organizing integration events in what we have a great experience. This pushes us to make something bigger, better and for more participants.

Now we are preparing for the next tech- conference, with the next great topics.
Hope to announce you details soon!

SolDevelo- conference



The snapshots on video from our conference




Stay tuned!


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