SolDevelo Summer Party 2023 – Team-building activities we recommend for the summer

On Saturday, June 17th, we held an important company event – the summer party! This year, we decided to change the date from September to June, hoping that it will allow us to enjoy the summer weather, and get in the mood for the holiday season. And we were not wrong! Good weather, combined with various team-building activities, resulted in a very pleasant day, spent in a group of 55 people.

The first point of the agenda was an outdoor game organized for us by Spider Games. Divided into 8 teams and equipped with a special application, we set off on a 2-hour route full of team-building activities, tasks and puzzles to solve. The game took place in Sopot, so we visited many of its beautiful and characteristic points in a short time.

Participants of the outdoor game at full strenght…

What counted in the game was time, diverse knowledge, but also skillful tactics and openness to unconventional tasks, such as shooting a video, taking thematic photos, or building a human pyramid on the pier (which gained a lot of interest from the passersby!)

We were the attraction of the pier!

The record holders walked over 8 km during the game, thus exceeding the recommended daily dose of steps, but unfortunately not guaranteeing victory. The game ended at Koliba, a popular Sopot restaurant, located on the beach, where we continued our fun and team-building activities. Barbecue, beach volleyball court and various integrative, recreational games awaited us there.

We began by announcing and awarding the winners of the outdoor game (it was the Golden team consisting of: Katarzyna Krawczyk, Piotr Wargulak, Adam Balcerzak, Alan Nadolny, plus accompanying persons) and handing over company sets of gadgets, with the motive of a pleasant vacation. One of the components of the set were beers prepared for us by Browar Brodacz, with fantastic original labels designed by Beata Zwidryn!

The winning team of “Golds”

The party continued with a relaxed rhythm, but the energy and desire to compete in various beach games and team-building activities did not run out until the very end.

Thank you all for being present and celebrating the beginning of summer together!

If you are curious about how we had fun in previous years take a look at the coverage of our last team-building event.


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