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The user interface for Concept Dictionary and UI library for Open Web Apps Part II of changes introduced by SolDevelo to OpenMRS.





Are you aware that people in developing countries die from treatable diseases? We’re implementing healthcare information technology solutions to support health care providers in their work to combat these diseases.OpenMRS is a global community that has developed an open-source electronic medical record system (EMR), made to support healthcare in low and middle-income countries. It supports both patients and doctors by providing easy access to medical records, diagnoses, prescriptions, and test results. Any healthcare system or member of the healthcare team, worldwide, can download the OpenMRS application for free and customize it according to their needs. This free software allows clinics and hospitals that use OpenMRS to provide efficient and effective medical care.







  • Before introducing Open Web Apps front-end developers who weren’t familiar with server-side technologies could not easily contribute new features to OpenMRS as good command of Java was required.
  • Before introducing UI (User Interface) components library, developers had to create basic components such as tables, search boxes, etc. Implementing such custom components took time and required extra effort and resulted in non-concise user experience.
  • Before introducing Concept Dictionary OWA, dictionary curators had to resort to using a legacy and outdated user interface, which didn’t have uniform look & feel with the latest OpenMRS Reference Application.






SolDevelo introduced a new Concept Dictionary Open Web App. It was created entirely by the SolDevelo team. It is an example of Open Web Applications (OWA) technology for OpenMRS. They are applications (modules of OpenMRS system) written in front-end technologies, communicating with the OpenMRS server via the REST API. They facilitate adding new features to OpenMRS by software developers. Adding new functionality to OpenMRS becomes easier and faster for a larger number of developers.

By creating Concept Dictionary OWA (dictionary of medical terms), which stores terms describing diseases, drugs, diagnoses, tests, procedures, other questions and potential answers, including measures defining the patient’s condition, it becomes possible to manage dictionary medical terms (medical concepts) from the level of the new user interface. It allows collecting data in a simple and standardized way.

In addition, the SolDevelo team created a library of UI (User Interface) components. It can be used when creating new Open Web Apps for OpenMRS in AngularJS, which is one of the most modern technologies.




Modern solutions delivered to OpenMRS implemented new technologies commonly used in developed countries more intuitive and friendly system to facilitate non-developers using the OpenMRS system unified interface and modernized look & feel, lowering barrier to entry for identifying new developers capable of working with OpenMRS without Java expertise system easier to modify for developers increased efficiency, helping developers creating new applications and features. Lower costs of system maintenance introduced modern front-end tools for OpenMRS developers and attracting more contributors









“SolDevelo has proven their ability as a dynamic software development and information technology company. OpenMRS is grateful for their involvement and commitment to the OpenMRS community.”


Paul Biondich
Executive Director, OpenMRS



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