How SolDevelo helped Chalmers Ventures with Business Startup testing


Every idea is like a seed. It will not grow, if not put into the ground. But the soil alone can’t provide the seed with all the necessary nutrients. The sun and water are also crucial for the plant to grow. The same goes for ideas. If you leave them by themselves, they will not sprout, nor will they grow. You have to put them out there and provide them with ingredients that they need. The task is not easy, especially when your resources are limited and insufficient. But what if there was someone to help you out? A kind, gentle gardener who would keep your plants moisturized and sun-kissed. Someone, who would help your business startup to sprout and grow into healthy, beautiful thing?

In this article we will introduce you to Chalmers Ventures – a company that offers business startups and supports the growth of tiny seeds of ideas into the giant trees of development.

Chalmers Ventures


Chalmers Ventures is a public Swedish entity specializing in coaching, financing, network, and business development. Located in Göteborg, it offers incubation, startup camps, and other specialized coaching and access to financing to those who have a business idea. Chalmers Ventures make very early-stage investments in companies within their processes. As the companies move forward, they look for co-investors to match with the startups. With more than 15 years of experience, they start approximately 12 projects a year and have many startups in their portfolio.​

Our input

We were helping with testing and QA assurance of a project for one of the client’s startups.

Our main activities:

  • reviewing existing and new test plan;
  • verifying code quality metrics using static code analytics;
  • proceeding and testing activities based on the test plan;
  • covering all major test cases, reporting all bugs into a bug tracking system.

We have also extended the client’s iOS mobile application by adding many new functionalities such as home screen view, profile pages, lookbook, shopping list, location, push notifications, analytics, etc.

Technologies used






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