Mission Accepted: The Purpose of the SolDevelo Mission

What is a company’s mission? 

It describes the organization’s purpose and its overall intention. It’s the reason for the company’s existence and the direction that everyone employed needs and wants to follow. 


Why do we need it?

The sole purpose of having a clearly defined mission is to guide the company forward. While thinking about the future of the company, it’s much easier to imagine it while having a mission statement clarified. It focuses the energy and attention of everyone in the company and makes the process of making decisions easier as it should always stay with us through every decision we make.

The mission of the company is a very powerful message which serves to communicate directly to employees, customers, vendors and other stakeholders. Therefore it is also a factor that can affect the satisfaction and productivity of many groups associated with our company. That’s why we believe it’s crucial to have a well-defined mission and to always follow it.


How did we achieve the formulation of our mission?

The whole management team worked on the proposed mission and spent a bunch of time on meetings and debates. Before we started to work on it together, everyone was asked to write down their thoughts on what kind of company SolDevelo is, why do we exist and what do we want to change. Afterwards, we discussed our values and their meanings to ensure a common understanding and to try to formulate the prototype of the mission statement. Once it was ready, we focused on shaping the final wording of SolDevelo’s mission – we had an additional workshop and also we ran the discussion asynchronously on Slack. It was a real challenge for all the management team because our highest priority was to incorporate all the most important values we’ve identified into it.

We let everyone in the company know and asked about their opinion on the mission before we decided that’s it. In SolDevelo we value each employee’s view and wanted to make sure that our mission is commonly understandable and acceptable and that everyone identifies with it.

What is the new mission of SolDevelo?

All the fierce discussions led us to formulate a statement that we can proudly call our mission.


We deliver high-quality solutions for modern world challenges. As IT professionals, together with our partners, we build a digital future.


We believe that a few carefully selected words can express more than a thousand of them, and with this, in mind we created our mission. To make sure that it is fully understood, we decided to break it down into phrases to describe and explain each of them.

We deliver high-quality solutions 

Code and technologies are not the only things we care about, we strive much further. We provide complete solutions and care about the whole development process. Starting from the identification of a business problem, through its analysis, solution design, implementation, verification, to implementation and maintenance. We obtain high quality through the use of practices and tools developed and improved with each project that we conduct and through continuous improvement and expansion of competencies that we have as a company. Our clients can rely on us because they know that if we commit to something, it will be done at a high level.

Modern world challenges

We declare that we are ready for new, interesting and ambitious challenges posed by the modern world and its problems, such as pandemics, hunger or ecology. We also want to take up those positive ones that can change the world, such as the conquest of space. We solve non-trivial tasks but real problems that require knowledge and the use of appropriate tools.

IT professionals

Above all, we are people who are hungry for knowledge and focused on continuous development. We are not afraid of challenges and are able to objectively assess the problem and propose a solution for it. As IT professionals we also have a great deal of IT knowledge and experience in agile methodologies. We are able to work in a group and are willing to share our knowledge with each other. We constantly improve our communication skills to be on the highest level and we have the courage to express our opinions and to introduce changes.

Together with our partners

We want our clients to not only be consumers purchasing our services, but also to create and care for partnership relations with us that are based on mutual respect, understanding and trust. We are not afraid to propose our own solutions and are always open to discussions. Caring for transparency, we focus on long-term and lasting relationships that allow the development of our company, employees and partners.

We build a digital future

We build or create from scratch – we build systems that fully meet customer requirements. In SolDevelo, we have already faced the digital future which is often described with trendy slogans such as IoT, ML, AI, Serverless Computing, Cloud or Big Data. We have had the opportunity to deal with most, if not all of these concepts more than once. Therefore, we want to use the experience of individual teams to build innovative and durable solutions.


To get feedback and ensure that the prepared mission is widely understandable and well-recognized within SolDevelo, we conducted a meeting to present it to all employees. By defining the mission of the company clearly, we expect that setting our company goals will be easier, and that achieving them will propel us closer to becoming the company of our dreams. We also believe this mission will be a good message for our clients, showing them we want to constantly develop and be the best partners.



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