Atlassian Summit 2018- We are coming!

Atlassian Summit 2018 Barcelona

We entered 2018 quite forcefully, by winning a Forbes Diamonds Award and we do not even think of slowing down the pace. Since it has been officially confirmed, let’s finally announce next great news.

SolDevelo is going to be an active participant in this year’s Atlassian Summit fairs! This time the event takes place in stunning Barcelona, thus we have at least couple of decent reasons to hold our breath for it.


What is it all about?

Atlassian Summit is an annual conference connecting users of Atlassian products’ family, worldwide. This Australian corporation is one of the most recognizable leaders in the IT market and focuses on developing software for a commercial usage within the wide range of enterprises.

Systems delivered by Atlassian are so designed to provide their customers with strategic tools, serving online cooperation (regardless the company size), information flow enhancement and also internal communication improvement. Atlassian’s products can help to monitor the clarity and the validity of code as well as create a comfortable space for sharing and storing documentation.

With every new release, Atlassian confirms the universality of its approach to enterprises’ individual needs and innovative attitude towards delivering modern online services.


This year Atlassian Summit has adopted four leading themes which are main subjects for the whole conference, namely: Science, Inspiration, Cooperation, and Fun. There is an impressive variety of training, workshops, and lectures planned for the fairs in Barcelona, all of them are strongly related to the four topics mentioned above.

The talks and other activities are aimed at broadening participants’ knowledge of new technologies, professional team building in the context of Atlassian’s solutions and products, of course.

When it comes to Inspiration for example –speeches of Team Leaders will be most definitely the great source of new ideas, as those experienced professionals will be sharing their opinion on shaping solid, effective and cooperative teams, ready to uptake any challenge.

And this task is really not as easy as it may seem.


Atlassian Summit2016 Programs

Gathering thousands of Atlassian’s users in a single venue creates an amazing opportunity for thought sharing and ideas spreading. Who knows when an innocent small talk could turn into a brainstorm resulting in some innovative idea for a new useful feature or improvement?

One can never be sure, right? 😉

And after all those intellectual efforts, just to end the Summit with the appropriate dose of power and motivation – there is an “Atlassian Bash” planned. It is basically the greatest party of the year, where the music, food and, well, Fun (let’s not forget that important leading theme) never stop!

Atlassian Summit2016 Bash

Why do we want to be there?

The sole opportunity to visit the Summit is itself emotional since we as SolDevelo are the user of Atlassian tools for quite a while now. Being given the chance to engage actively in creating improvements and delivering dedicated solutions means that we are an appreciated member of the Atlassian community and therefore we can contribute to shaping its history.

By presenting our own, original ideas and projects of plug-ins for Atlassian Jira we would like to not only show our understanding of available Atlassian toolkit but also share our expertise in anticipating the direction of best future technology progression.

Atlassian Summit2016 Atlassian Summit2016 Europe

What do we bring to the Summit?

As mentioned – during Atlassian Summit 2018 in Barcelona we would be presenting our original plug-ins. They will be enhancing such aspects of everyday work as monitoring the workloads or searching for similarity in task-tickets to enable an easier searching process.

We got two teams to work on the plug-ins and expect to have three of them up and running sooner rather than later. Our improvements are being created with the newest technologies available for Atlassian users and we do care to make our solutions as intuitive and innovative as possible.

Since the market of plug-ins is already remarkably huge, we would like our tools to stand out thanks to merging functionality with the simplicity. We still have some time until the Summit and we are determined to give our best in order to proudly present the most refined product we can think of!

One of our plug-ins has already been released and is in an independent testing phase. We do believe that we are heading towards empowering and improving the life in the world of technology.

Keep your fingers crossed for the success of our plug-ins and stay tuned for the report from Atlassian Summit 2018!

Atlassian Partner Day

Atlassian photo Barcelona


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