Agile Dashboard for Project Management- a few tips of project management step-by-step

Help your team assess its productivity, spot blockers and find difficulties in the project faster!

What does the Agile Dashboard for Project Management (previously: Advanced Team Dashboard) offer to your team?

An up-to-date information about the accuracy of your estimations so you could become a master of planning:

– A complete list of issues that consumed most of your team’s energy and attention so you could easily track the current situation in the project.
– The comprehensible set of reasons for the difficulties you face and their impact so you could only focus on the right solution.
– A hand in fixing the painful errors in your issues which so you could keep your tasks clear and understandable for everyone involved.

The ones above are just the basic features and there is much more to discover!

Agile Dashboard for Project Management is a brilliant tool for both project management and your team’s efficiency evaluation.

See how it all works – step by step!

You can add our add-on to your own Jira dashboard – this way you can have the most interesting metrics (such as Problematic Tickets and Hot Tickets) right in front of you every time you need them.

Agile Dashboard for project management

You can easily set up the initial view according to your preferences. On the landing page, you might preview the team’s productivity measure or the accuracy of your time estimations. The Team Reliability Rating gadget, allows you to spot the tasks that caused the drop in the overall score. The icons next to the name of the issue indicate the problem affecting the decreased reliability.

The Team Reliability Rating has filters that enable to see the reliability for example only for the completed issues. All you need to do is pick the appropriate searching criteria.

You can adjust the parameters displayed by the gadget by setting the interval you want to observe, declaring how the severity of detected problems will be changing over time or choosing the users and teams you want to preview.

What if you are not sure about the meaning of those parameters?

By clicking the “?” icon you will reveal the short description containing the most vital information about the functionality.

Do you want to know more?

The “Get more help” button will take you to the support page where you will find more detailed data on a particular gadget or parameter.

Problematic tickets

Imagine that you see that there is a problem in one of your Jira issues. Would you like to fix it as quickly as possible?

There is nothing simpler when you have Agile Dashboard for Project Management installed! With this add-on, you can fix the most popular errors right away without leaving the view of your dashboard!


Do you see the “Fix me!” the button?

You just have to click it…


…to enter a “Quick Fix” panel. Now you can take care of visible problems by filling the appropriate fields that are indicated by status icons!

Agile Dashboard- fix me button

It couldn’t be any simpler!

In order to configure Problematic Tickets you need to click on ••• and then Edit:

What do those notifying icons mean?

– No description in the Jira issue

– Past due date

– No assignee

– Too short issue description

– Long time since start progress

– The ticket wasn’t closed in 1 sprint

– Exceeded time estimation

– Long time since the last update

– Lack of estimation

Every rule can be completely disabled and the impact can be adjusted.

There are three levels of impact:

Agile Team Dashboard- Problematic tickets

While creating the notifiers listed above we focused on keeping the balance between delivering as many valuable indicators as possible and not introducing chaos to the dashboard at the same time.

Here you can see an exemplary view of the configuration:

Hot Tickets

This gadget displays the Jira issues that were most actively worked on. Every task has its own rate of hotness (0-100) based on a certain set of criteria. The project, users and time period you want to observe in this gadget can be chosen in the configuration of Hot Tickets. By default, the gadget displays the hottest Jira issues from the previous week.

When counting the hotness rate, we use the following criteria:

– The number of comments added to the issue.

-The number of users logging time in the issue.

– The number of status changes in the issue.

– The sum of hours logged into the issue.

If you are an administrator of the dashboard you can also configure the impact each criterion has on the final hotness ratio.

The gadget counts the relative hotness scale for each task and displays all the issues that scored higher than 30 points, starting with the most active ones. If there are fewer than 5 tickets hotter than 30, the gadget shows 5 issues with the highest score.

Here is an exemplary view of the gadget:

In order to configure “Hot Tickets” click ••• and Edit:


Every criterion can have its impact set. The impact reflects how severely a particular criterion affects the overall score on a hotness scale.

If you want to personalize the view of this gadget you can make such adjustments:

– Choosing the project you want to monitor issues from.

– Choosing the users whose issues you want to observe in the gadget.

– Choosing the date range of displayed issues.

– Setting the impact of the number of comments on the hotness ratio.

– Setting the impact of the number of users logging time on the hotness ratio.

– Setting the impact of the sum of logged time on the hotness ratio.

– Setting the impact of the number of status changes on the hotness ratio.

Thus, as you can see – Agile Dashboard for Project Management doesn’t need much input and yet it provides you with quite impressive insights, doesn’t it?

Our add-on quickly analyses the issues we work and collaborate on with other team members allowing for constant monitoring of our effort’s quality and completing the tasks at the right time. The number of notifications and the ability to configure the view according to individual needs or standards in the project makes Agile Dashboard for Project Management a great assistant not only in time but also in the project management.

After having Agile Dashboard for Project Management installed to your Jira instance you can stop looking for other add-ons for project management. You will surely notice a significant improvement in your projects and the work will become easier than you expect. Become your own best manager today!

Do you want to try it for yourself?
We encourage you to test our 30-day trial add-on version that enables you to enjoy a fully functioning tool:

Agile Dashboard for Project Management

You can also watch the demo on our YouTube channel.


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