OpenLMIS Project

OpenLMIS Project

OpenLMIS is an open-source, web-based Logistics Management Information System (LMIS).

Project Description

The system is a part of a complete solution designed to support transformation of the supply chain. The OpenLMIS initiative incorporates a community-focused approach to develop open-source and customizable LMIS systems, designed specifically for low-resource settings.

Our role and the team

Our role in the OpenLMIS project is divided into two elements. As a part of the Core Team, we are working closely with Vitaliance on developing new functionalities, enhancements and system fixes. As a part of the Country Team of each Implementation, we are working on supporting countries using the OpenLMIS system.

OpenLMIS Benefits

Stock management

Allows ongoing, real-time accounting of the current stock on hand and consumption levels.


Supports users in requisitioning new stock and approvals to generate an order for fulfillment.


Enables creating reports by using Jasper and SuperSet.


Used to receive and approve requisitions.

CEE Management

Used especially for vaccine programs to track the status of their Cold Chain Equipment, and receive notifications once a breakdown occurs.

Mobile App

Allows users access the system functionalities on mobile devices.

Key Features

Improves data accuracy
Improves data timeliness
Increases data visibility
Increases accountability
Open-source solution
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