You want it darker? Check Jira dark mode in SolDevelo apps

If you’re using Jira in your job, you’re probably interacting with it several times a day. It serves as a digital office where you manage various aspects of your work, helping you to stay on track and get everything done on time. It’s efficient, effective, and so… bright.

While for some users it’s not a problem, others simply can’t stand light themes, and they switch to the dark ones wherever available. If you belong to this second group, the tough times are finally over. At the beginning of this year, Jira introduced a theme feature, allowing you to switch freely between light and dark modes.

The feature is currently in its open beta phase, meaning that every user can find it in their settings and choose their preferred theme. However, the general release is yet to come in the middle of 2023. To make it as smooth as possible, marketplace vendors are currently working hard to implement the new feature in their applications so that the whole system is aesthetically consistent.

And we’re not staying behind! Most of our SolDevelo applications are already compatible with the new feature, and you can now enjoy their dark-themed versions. Check out how they look:


Track your team’s working time with Worklogs for Jira – Time Tracking and Reports! Filter your data according to your needs and generate custom reports in the form of a table, a pie chart, or a bar chart. Dark theme makes it look more professional, doesn’t it?

jira dark mode
Worklogs in dark mode

QAlity Plus

With QAlity Plus – Test Management for Jira you can manage test cases, plan test cycles, track test progress, and more.

jira dark mode
QAlity Plus test case in dark mode

Additionally, with the Traceability Report feature, you’re able to thoroughly assess the condition of the tested software by analyzing the connection between the tests, test executions, and bugs over a chosen period of time, and finding the weakest parts of the system that require more work.

jira dark theme
QAlity Plus Traceability Report in dark mode

Dark theme highlights the test execution progress bars and test status buttons, making the colors stand out, and more vividly signal the current state of your testing. 

Multiple Checklists

Multiple Checklists for Jira allow you to easily add checklists to your issues, track their progress, change their item order, save them as templates, and more. Dark themed version is compatible with the rest of the Jira system, making it seamless to use.

jira dark mode
Multiple Checklists in dark mode

What do you think about the new look of our apps? Share your thoughts and help us improve!


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