Technology Volunteerism for Social Good – How we made Frontline easier to use?

We worked together with the Frontline team to design the Multi Selector Tool.

What is FrontlineSMS?

Clever automation and logic (a combination of technology and our team’s expertise) that sits on top of an SMS message delivery service. This means that you can send smart messages at scale – that can make sense of keywords in people’s replies, with automated responses tailored to your community,  or set to trigger on specific prompts.

This ability to interact over SMS is invaluable for community management, information tracking, or collecting research data.

The tool allows the efficient search, selection, and presentation of thousands of different object types in a clean, single input on the page. It is a foundation element to our new automation software and empowers Frontline users to effectively communicate and automate within their projects, such as monitoring and managing disaster relief efforts.


Why SMS?

SMS is the most inclusive means of communication in the world. 99% of text messages are read, almost every human on earth has access to a phone, and every model of mobile phone can send and receive text messages. The barriers to entry are incredibly low:

  • there is little to no literacy requirement to short messaging

  • it’s inexpensive for both senders and recipients

  • text messages encourage people to take action

  • hearing back immediately is satisfyingly responsive

It’s easy and rewarding for people to connect with information sent via FrontlineSMS. That’s why we have a 98% recommendation rate.


Read more about the app on its website:


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