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TaroWorks LLC is a social enterprise that sells an advanced mobile data platform to help organizations enhance data collection, monitoring, sales, and inventory management in the field.
The company’s mission is to improve product and service delivery, like financial services and information on agriculture and health, to the poor by bringing real-time data to any organization, anywhere. SolDevelo has been responsible for TaroWorks mobile since the beginning of the project in 2013. We have taken care of every step of the mobile development process, including design, implementation, continuous integration, and QA.



TaroWorks is an offline mobile data collection and field operations management solution that empowers users with the two-way data flow. Mobile users can not only collect rich media like photos, signatures, and GPS coordinates but can also access data from the database to help them do their jobs. For managers and external partners, TaroWorks comes with robust analytics features such as real-time reports and dashboards. With an integrated database in the cloud, you can track changes over time, enabling your organization to successfully manage the last mile.


We have taken care of every step of the mobile development process including preparing requirements and specifications, architecture design, software validation, continuous integration, implementation, and testing.


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TaroWorks™ is built on the powerful Salesforce platform and accessed in the field via Android devices. Its modular design is fully optimized around remote field operations management and business analytics needs. Salesforce offers a highly configured data structure, which allows the design of elaborate surveys and in-depth analytics around key areas of the customers’ business.

TaroWorks has helped more than 90 social enterprises and nonprofit organizations across 30+ countries. People can work their way out of poverty if they are provided with business opportunities that are designed with them and their unique needs in mind.

With TaroWorks, companies are able to make better, faster data-driven decisions and form more meaningful connections with their clients. It also provides a system of alerts to know when its data is uploaded, allowing managers to see data in real-time, in order to provide faster solutions for customers.





I have had the pleasure to work with SolDevelo on multiple projects and I have never been disappointed.

Kay Chau

Technical Program Manager, Grameen Foundation


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