SolDevelo’s response to the war in Ukraine

The ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine is a shameful act of hate and greed, going up against human rights and peace. We condemn Russian and Belarussian government policies and war crimes committed by the Russian military forces. Our hearts go to Ukrainian people affected by this invasion. Their land is troubled and their lives are threatened. Millions of people were forced to flee the country and search for a safe place to stay in other parts of Europe. Many more are still on the front, fighting for their independence. We support and admire their resistance to oppressive Russian forces.

From the very beginning we felt a strong obligation to use our resources and help people affected by this war as much as we possibly can. We engaged in multiple initiatives that aim at bringing actual help to Ukrainian people. Here is what we have managed to accomplish so far:

The ING Children Foundation and ING Bank Śląski

The ING Children Foundation and ING Bank Śląski have initiated a fundraising event to effectively collect money and support refugees from Ukraine, as well as Ukrainian defense forces. The fundraiser took place in March and every amount of money donated was matched by ING. 

SolDevelo took part in this action, donating 25.000 PLN, which was later doubled by ING and transferred to organizations providing humanitarian aid to the victims of Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

More information: Help Ukraine.

SolDevelo for Ukraine

SolDevelo has also organized a special fundraiser for employees, their families, friends and acquaintances, as well as anyone who is willing to help. It started in March, and since then every month the amount of money collected is doubled by SolDevelo, and transferred to the ING Foundation. All of the donations then go to Polish Humanitarian Action and UNICEF Poland, and are used to support Ukraine.

Thanks to our company and employees’ willingness to help, a sum of 72.490 PLN has been already transferred to the people affected by the Russian invasion.

SolDevelo’s fundraiser is still open. We encourage anyone who can to participate. Every amount of money donated will be matched by SolDevelo and transferred to humanitarian organizations.

You can donate here: SolDevelo for Ukraine.

Solidarity Gift

We felt the need to engage in different forms of help as well. We had a chance to do so by taking part in Solidarity Gift – a special initiative organized by Noble Gift.

Noble Gift is one of the biggest Polish social charity programs. It is dedicated to providing families in need with material support. In the face of war in Ukraine many people were forced to leave their possessions behind and flee for their lives. To help them in this difficult situation, the Solidarity Gift initiative was organized.

Thanks to the involvement of many companies, organizations and individuals, 1119 refugee families were provided with help, including necessities of life, such as food products, cleaning supplies, clothes, as well as financial support.

SolDevelo engaged in helping Ms. Kristina and her daughter, Ms. Anastasia. They arrived in Poland at the beginning of March. Both are determined to find a job and be able to support themselves. Ms. Anastasia is a web designer. However, during the turbulent journey from Ukraine to Poland her laptop and her glasses were damaged, making it impossible for her to continue work in the profession.

SolDevelo provided Ms. Anastasia with the proper computer equipment, and our employees took it upon themselves to buy a voucher for the new glasses. Our Solidarity Gift also consisted of food products, cosmetics and cleaning supplies.

Ms. Kristina and Ms. Anastasia showed an enormous level of gratitude, and we are relieved to know that our gift is truly appreciated and valuable to them. We hope that it makes them feel welcomed and supported, and helps them to get back on their feet.

There are still many refugees out there, waiting for our help. We need to use our resources to provide them with a safe space to not only survive, but to actually live a relatively peaceful life. 

We want to thank all our employees for engaging in initiatives for Ukraine. By joining forces we could accomplish many great things, and aid many people in need.

SolDevelo will continue to support humanitarian actions dedicated to Ukraine. We stand for all people affected by this senseless war, and we hope that peace and human kindness are going to win in the end.


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