SolDevelo Tech Talk #2 – Rafał Korytkowski OpenMRS

Another SolDevelo Tech Talk is behind us!

OpenMRS team introduced us to Open Web Apps for OpenMRS. These are applications written in front-end technologies, communicating with the OpenMRS server via the REST API. They allow adding new features to OpenMRS. An example of this could be Concept Dictionary OWA, which was created entirely by the SolDevelo team. At the same time, a library of UI components was created. It can be used when creating new Open Web Apps for OpenMRS in AngularJS.

At this moment, guys are focused on OpenMRS SDK 3.0, a new version of a tool that automates many activities connected to the OpenMRS developer’s work, thus saving the time of experienced developers and making the first steps easier for the new employees.

If you want to learn how to implement Open Web App for OpenMRS using AngularJS components in 10 minutes, watch the tutorial prepared by our guys. OpenMRS Open Web App development tutorial



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