SolDevelo is Amazon Web Services Partner!


A significant technological milestone reached:

SolDevelo is Amazon Web Services Partner!


We are happy to announce that SolDevelo has recently become a Standard Consulting Partner in the Amazon Web Services Partner Network! It is a major honor to be recognized by Amazon, a cloud computing giant, for our work and professional skills.

SolDevelo is a dynamic IT company delivering high-quality software and innovative solutions. Amazon Web Services (AWS), on the other hand, is a secure cloud services platform, offering a broad collection of services: infrastructure, core and platform services, administration, enterprise applications, and technical and business support.

AWS runs a number of competency programs to identify consulting and technology partners over the globe, who can help businesses make the best of cloud services offered by AWS. APN Consulting Partners is one of such programs. Companies that are awarded with APN Consulting Partner status help customers realize their digital transformation by migrating data center infrastructure and applications to AWS platform.

Why did SolDevelo decide to join AWS Partner Network?


We have been observing growing interest and demand for cloud technologies and needed to broaden our capabilities in delivering state-of-the-art cloud services and solutions.

As we have been ourselves using AWS tools for some time, we developed the knowledge and expertise needed to assist our customers with successful cloud adoption. As an APN Consulting Partner, we gained access to a range of resources and now we can significantly increase the services we deliver to our customers.


How did it happen?


We gained the AWS partnership on the basis of our total business investment on AWS, technology capabilities, and the presence of AWS certified professionals within our organization.


We started qualifications for the APN Standard Consulting Partner tier in mid-2018. We had to meet thorough requirements that demonstrated our expertise in the understanding of AWS services and technical competency in cloud computing.


In order to qualify for the Standard Tier, we had to acquire two AWS Business Professional Accreditations and two AWS Technical Professional Accreditations as well as two Associate level Certifications. Earning all of these helped us demonstrate our understanding of core AWS services, uses, and architecture and prove proficiency in developing cloud-based applications using AWS.


We scheduled and completed all of the courses via the AWS Partner Network (APN) Portal that provides all Partners with the tools and content they need to grow business on AWS.


Once we have completed a number of training and have grown in our knowledge of AWS, we started building our AWS-based business and strong customer reference base. Establishing credibility with our customers and demonstrating our strong AWS-based practice was crucial in making our past and current customers recommend us to other prospects.


What does SolDevelo’s APN Consulting Partner status mean for our customers?


We always focus on the success of our clients and now we also help them to take full advantage of all benefits that the AWS platform has to offer.

We joined the AWS Partner Network to be better equipped in providing our customers with specialized solutions and professional cloud services. Depending on customers’ needs, our experts can advise them on what cloud deployment model should be used and help them evaluate the cost and risks of improving their infrastructure.

Thanks to extended training and profound expertise on AWS, we can support other companies at any stage of their cloud computing implementation and help them achieve their business objectives.


What does it mean for us?


Gaining the AWS partnership is a great reflection of not only our dedication to assisting our customers with successful cloud adoption but also effective cost optimization and governance on AWS.

As a member of the Amazon Partner Network, we will receive business, technical, sales, and marketing resources to help expand our business and support our customers. This is surely a significant step in our quest to offer best-in-class technology services and successfully pursue even more ambitious projects.

Becoming a Standard tier APN Partner opens up a number of marketing opportunities we can take advantage of to grow our customer base on AWS. Yet, we will not stop here.

We will keep working and continue to develop our competences. The aim is to broaden our experience and further differentiate our company from AWS. We can promise you we haven’t said the last word on the subject!


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