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A Node.js web application for binding virtual tours with documentation.




Panorama MJ App is a nodeJS‐based web application for binding virtual tours with corresponding technical documentation. Its main purpose is to simplify the method of storing documentation by means of adding the possibility of a simple edition of its particular parts and of marking critical points on technical drawings, such as valves, pipes, and connections with other elements of construction.




The client needed an application enabling the upload of large technical drawings to the server in PDF, JPG, and PNG formats, their conversion to a unified JPG format, and display in a web browser as a canvas, on which the client would draw areas (rectangles and circles). It would also be possible to link each area with related documents like PDFs, images, and links to virtual tours displayed on the left side of the browser window.The client also needed a simple authorization method, which would prevent unauthorized users from modifying the uploaded content.




We created the application from scratch, including the back-end, the front-end and its deployment on the client’s server.The client uses our application instead of multiple different ones. It automates work by eliminating unnecessary file conversions and distributed file storage. In addition, the client offers the application as a PaaS to contractors.




Thanks to our application, the level of security of industry employees was increased due to the decreased number of visits to highly dangerous places like oil platforms, tankers, factories, etc.By using our application, engineers are able to familiarize themselves with objects without actually visiting them.




Technologies used

AmazonWebServicesBluebird MySQL




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