ISO 27001 Certification party

We are extremely pleased and excited to announce that we have recently become certified to ISO 27001:2014.

Developed by the top information security experts in the world, the standard provides for the regulation of information security management within companies, ensuring that data is kept both protected and available.

Going through the certification process itself was of benefit to us in a number of ways. As a company with years of experience, we know the importance of information security and how to meet clients’ needs in this regard, and this understanding is reflected in our daily routines. However, through the process of more formally documenting our procedures, we’ve gained a higher awareness of our roles when it comes to data protection.

We understand more deeply the responsibilities and expectations of all parties involved in this area, especially within the company, and we have a greater appreciation of our daily tasks as they relate to information security. Creating this level of the order has served to strengthen our internal organization and reduce time wastage, simply by defining things such as who makes decisions, who holds which responsibility, and who is in charge of giving data access permission, and ensuring that we adhere to these controls.

We feel that becoming certified will help us stand out from the crowd and continue to grow, and it’s given us a sense of accomplishment in being able to achieve another goal we set for ourselves. We view it as a recognition of the level of professionalism that we are constantly driven towards.

We also have an opportunity to celebrate this great success with our employees. There were unique cakes, champagne and a lot of good moods!

Read more about how we have achieved it: Mission Accomplished: ISO 27001 Certification Achieved!



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