Integration event – Summer 2016

Our integration even took place at the end of July.

The greatest thing was the number of participants- almost all employees decided to take part in this anniversary event, which is rather a rare situation ­čÖé

This year we focused on physical activity. The three main activities provided in the schedule were paintball, quads, and rope park. We were divided into 3 groups, to give everyone a chance to take advantage of the attractions provided. Over two hours of having active fun shew the condition of the participants ­čÖé

Fortunately, we knew that our employees will be exhausting after such physical effort, so there were awaiting a really delicious barbecue dishes. To cool emotions and quench the thirst SolDevelo provided specially created for this occasion crafter beer. The unexpected was that we had fun till late night hours. After singing by the bonfire, we finished our full of entertainment day on the beach, by the bay. It was a long but beautiful day!

See for yourself what fun we had on Friday.


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