Insights from Data Science Summit Machine Learning Edition Conference

data science summit

The world of data science is constantly evolving. The recent Data Science Summit Machine Learning Edition, held on the 15th and 16th of June in Warsaw, Poland, provided a platform for experts, researchers, and enthusiasts to gather and share their knowledge, ideas, and experiences.

Since the main subject of the conference is interesting, up-to-date, and used in many projects, including our own, our specialists wouldn’t miss this event!

Below, you will find some thoughts and reflections from Nikola Laskowska, our Software Developer and Team Leader, who attended the conference.

data science summit

The first day of the conference was held online, so I could comfortably watch the lectures from home, with a cup of my favorite coffee in hand. The most interesting lecture for me was the one that discussed Vision Transformers and Convolutional Neural Networks, used for detection of early diabetic retinopathy. The AI solutions are revolutionary to many medical fields. They increase the chances of detecting diseases at a very early stage, which otherwise would often stay unnoticed by health care professionals.

In the era of widely accessible AI tools, such as ChatGPT, we can often wonder if the text that we’re reading was written by humans or generated by AI. We got to explore the topic during another lecture “How to know if a text was generated by AI?”, in which the methods for detecting LLM (Large Language Model) generated texts were presented.

The second day of the conference took place in Kinoteka (The Palace of Culture and Science) in Warsaw. There were 10 stages related to different aspects of Machine Learning, but the most interesting one for me was “Data Science in Healthcare” in which I learned about solutions such as Catheter-Induced aortic and coronary dissection risk calculator, ML powered Medical Coding tool, and much more.

The two days of conference were really productive and I gained valuable information on various AI related topics. I recommend attending the next edition of the DSS ML conference, especially the second day, when you get to choose between a wide range of lectures, exploring the continuously developing world of Machine Learning and Data Science!


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