Gone back to Ghana

Another of our intercontinental delegations took us, once more, to the nation located on the Gulf of Guinea, in the west of Africa.

Its tropical climate provides an ideal setting to mix business with pleasure, and with over 100 ethnic groups living in the country, it allows for the opportunity to meet some very interesting people.

Although English is the official language, there are, amazingly, over 200 other dialects spoken! With regards to our work there, we sent one of the members of our team to assist with the implementation of a project we have been working on with one of our partners.

We’ve been cooperating on a variety of projects in Ghana since 2012 and have sent developers, QAEs (Quality Assurance Engineers) and TPMs (Technical Project Managers) to meet our partners, establish connections, and help carry out the release of software.

Let’s take a look at our pictures from this great time !


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