Conference in Warsaw – Scandinavian-Polish Chamber

With its 360 members, Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce is one of the largest bilateral chambers of commerce in Poland, therefore participation in the conference was an opportunity for us to take a look at opportunities offered by SPCC.

Nordic countries are important trading partners to Poland and Scandinavians are competing Italians for the fourth place on the list of Poland’s largest trading partners, so we can not ignore this direction in our development plans.

The Scandinavian-Polish Chamber of Commerce (SPCC) is an association created by business people and entrepreneurs associated with Scandinavia. SPCC’s head office is located in Warsaw, but the organization is active in the whole country. At the beginning of 2015, SPCC is going to open a regional office in Gdynia. Additionally, the Chamber has its representatives in Szczecin and is also active in Wroclaw and Poznan.

Currently, SPCC brings together over 400 members and is one of the largest bilateral chambers in Poland. Membership in the Chamber gives plenty of networking opportunities with an elite group of high-performing managers of Nordic companies and is also a good way of finding inspiration for everyone who would like to expand their business.

While expanding the organization their focus lies on:

  • Extending the network
  • Activities stimulating member companies development
  • Knowledge and experience sharing
  • Support of Scandinavian-Polish business interests

One of the SPCC main objectives is to promote the traditional values associated with Scandinavia:

  • fair competition
  • transparency in business
  • gender
  • Corporate Social Responsibility
  • respect for the environment

The SPCC organization supports associated companies by:

  • Networking and business possibilities during numerous events organized by SPCC in Poznań, Szczecin, Tricity, Warsaw, Kraków, and Wrocław (around 60 events, seminars and conferences per year).
  • Promotion of member companies during SPCC events.
  • Promotion of member companies on the SPCC portal which is designed to increase companies’ visibility on the Internet and optimize their positioning.
  • Cooperation with other bilateral chambers of commerce, business organizations from Poland and Scandinavia and embassies of the Nordic countries.
  • Information and communication activities supporting member companies in solving issues important to them.
  • Promotion of Scandinavian culture, organizing of cultural events, and supporting initiatives related to Nordic countries.

SPCC may also provide services to Polish companies wishing to get information about the Scandinavian markets, or companies interested in finding business partners – manufacturers, distributors, direct customers – in the Nordic countries.



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