An interview with Ryan Whitney from Good World Solutions


Why it is worth working with SolDevelo?


Ryan Whitney from Good World Solutions knows the answer.

Good collaboration between companies is key to the success of every project. Especially, when it comes to providing software and application development. Delivering top-notch code, building a reliable system for processing and managing data, coordinating workflow, and easily adapting to a changeable product landscape – these are only a few challenges met in IT project teams’ reality.

So how to find a business partner that is suitable for your company? We all know that partnering with like-minded businesses can be a great channel as it offers a lot of advantages. That’s why it is crucial to choose the one that can contribute a complimentary service but still has similar needs as your own.

There are surely some questions about SolDevelo that some of you would like to ask. Is SolDevelo an easy business partner? What does cooperation with us look like? What are our strong points? And, above all: why choose us over other IT companies? Well, if you asked us, we would probably start to boast about what a great team of IT professionals we are, with various interests, passions, and skills…. We’re joking of course! 😉 But seriously, we think it’s better to let others speak for us.

In the following video, you will find a short interview with Ryan Whitney of Good World Solutions, a non-profit enterprise we have been in close cooperation with for several years.

Good World Solutions (GWS) is a non-profit social enterprise that is operating in 16 countries. It is an organization with a vision – it wants every worker to have a free and anonymous channel to report directly to decision-makers about their working conditions, opinions, and needs. One of GWS’ core values is the belief in the power of data insights and transparency to transform workplace conditions and – consequently – workers’ lives.

GWS’ dreamed world is the one where every worker is heard, and where worker well-being is integral to business success. In other words, their goal is to create safe and respectful workplaces. Six years ago, they started noticing workers using cell phones more and more often. And they tested what was then a bold idea – that we could use mobile technology to connect directly with workers in real-time. We first piloted Laborlink with 100 factory workers in Peru and have since reached over 1 million workers in 16 countries. You’ll find GWS Case Study provided by SolDevelo at this link.

But first – watch Ryan Whitney talking about cooperation with us and learn whether (and why!) he would recommend it to others. Who knows, maybe it will help you in making your next important business decision, too!






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