SolDevelo is in charge of integrating openIMIS & CORE-MIS

In the competitive world of modern technology, it is easy to forget that digital solutions have an immense potential of helping people, and should be used for that purpose. In tune with this belief, our company actively supports multiple open-source initiatives, hoping to make a difference in the lives of people in developing countries.

That being said, we are proud to announce that SolDevelo will be in charge of the upcoming integration of two powerful open-source solutions – openIMIS, financed by Germany and Switzerland, and coordinated by GIZ, and CORE-MIS, governed by The World Bank. We will carry out the project in partnership with SwissTPH.

In this article we would like to share some details about the openIMIS & CORE-MIS integration, its significance, and our involvement in the project, along with some photos from the project workshops that we participated in.


openimis open source

openIMIS (open-source Insurance Management Information System) is designed to assist in managing health insurance schemes. The main objective of this initiative is to increase the availability of efficient and effective technology adapted to the conditions prevailing in developing countries.

The software can be used to manage:

  • Membership/patient registry;
  • Benefit package (services and prices);
  • Contracted providers;
  • Service claims and reimbursement;
  • Client feedback;
  • Monitoring and reporting; etc.

SolDevelo has been engaged in the development of openIMIS for many years, and we’re happy to witness its growth and be a part of it. The initiative is continuously putting effort in improving Universal Health Coverage, and the new integration is another step in this journey. 

You can learn more about openIMIS in our Tanzania implementation case study.


coremis open source

The second of the integrated systems was created by The World Bank in 2020 as a response to the healthcare crisis of the global COVID-19 pandemic. CORE-MIS (Core Management Information System) is a free online application supporting the delivery of social protection benefits and services. The program was designed for continuous development and easy integration with other solutions.

The software enables the following operations:

  • Targeting;
  • Beneficiary enrollment;
  • Payment management;
  • Grievance redress, 
  • Reporting;
  • User management; etc.

With over 18 different modules available, CORE-MIS is a flexible tool, easily adjustable to the specific needs of institutions that use it. The intention behind this software is for it to serve as a core building block for development and enhancement of delivery systems.

What is the purpose of this integration?

In the times of climate, political, and economical crisis, reliable social protection delivery systems are what makes a real difference in everyday struggles of common people, who are often vulnerable to the big-scale changes that affect their lives. Social protection schemes are essential in the strive for the effective covering of the basic human needs. They also help in reducing social inequalities.  

The new integrated software package will serve as a digital public good, and will manage a variety of schemes, such as health insurance, employment injury insurance, voucher schemes, cash transfers, and economic inclusion programs. It will be available to governments free of charge.

We are honored to help the openIMIS & CORE-MIS integration come to life. To deal with global crises, there is a need for reliable and comprehensive interoperable digital solutions that support coordinated and efficient service delivery. We believe that it’s important to always seek new ways in which technology can help protect people.

Project workshops

To discuss the project scope, priorities and development approach, we’ve participated in workshops at the early stage of the project. It was an amazing opportunity to meet, learn, and share ideas. Check out our photos from the event!


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