A Trip to the Land of Vampires and Testing- SolDevelo is getting ready for the SEETEST conference

Very soon, on September 26 in beautiful Romania, testers from SolDevelo will participate in the SEETEST conference.


About the event

It is an annual event in South-Eastern Europe, held by two organizations: The South East European Testing Board (SEETB) and Quality House. The first one is a part of The International Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB), both of which are internationally recognized, independent and non-profit organizations. SEETB is responsible for the ISTQB Certified Tester certification program in South East Europe (Bulgaria, Romania, Serbia and Montenegro). Quality House provides testing services to IT companies of all sizes, having worked both for telecom giants and budding start-ups. The company has been providing behind-the-scene assistance and improving software quality since 2004. Among many other co-organizers are also known in Poland WarszawQA and Testwarez.

    So far, seven conferences have been held. They took place alternately in Bulgaria (Sofia), Serbia (Belgrade) and, this year, in Bucharest. The main idea of this meeting is to teach and to share knowledge. The main scope of the conference is of course software testing but also e.g. software quality management will be discussed. One can expect a whole range of news from the world of testing, what can be inferred from the conference’s program, consisting of:

  • 4 tracks,
  • 8 interactive tutorials,
  • 2 keynote speeches,
  • 24 talks,
  • 34 international speakers (including those from Poland).

    This year, we will have an opportunity to take part in two full-day tutorials. During the first one, we will learn that “Agile is Human”, and the other will familiarize us with “Practical Test Design Techniques”.



The first day

There are of course other subjects to choose from:

  • Problem Solving for Testers;
  • Basic AI and AI in Testing;
  • Exploratory Testing;
  • Testing Psychology (i.e. How we should be thinking in order to test under different risk levels);
  • Transition from Traditional into Agile Tester;
  • Metrics: Reach your goals faster with a Metrics Dashboard.

This is what we will cover on the first day of the conference. As you can see, its program is rich. At the end of the day, we will take part in the Social Event, which will be held at Athenee Palace Hilton in the heart of Bucharest. In the course of it, we will be interacting with other conference participants.

The second day

    The next day will start with a keynote: “What needs to be in place to benefit from automation in an Agile world”. As we can read at seetest.org, keynotes are among the most important parts of SEETEST. They are meant to be inspirational, and taking into account the fact that they will be led by Paul Gerrard and Andy Redwood, we are convinced that they will prove very valuable. Then, there will be sessions, which are so diverse that every tester will find something for themselves:

  • Test Automation – „Layered test automation for Selenium WebDriver projects”, „Risk Based approach in Automated GUI testing”, „How to Test the Test Automation Framework?”, „Champions League SW Test Automation – 11 key players we’ve nominated for our team”, „Custom UI automated testing frameworks with QA Engineers in mind”;
  • Agile Testing – „Cheat sheets are finally legal”, „Consumer Driven Contracts – The missing link in Agile Testing Pyramid”, „TPI in Large Scale Agile Environment”;
  • Cloud Testing – „Introduction to testing AWS solutions”, „Making Disaster Routine: Testing Application Resiliency in Production Using Active Monitoring and Chaos Engineering”, „How I learned testing from mobile browsers”;
  • Mobile and security – „RPA for security software testing automation”, „OpenSource Mobile Automation in the cloud with Appium and TravisCI”.

The second part of the day will start with the “Transforming to New Test and Assurance Approaches” lecture; we will also be able to take part in Industrial Slots, after which further sessions will begin:

  • Test Automation – „How to Test the Test Automation Framework?”, „Champions League SW Test Automation – 11 key players we’ve nominated for our team”, „Custom UI automated testing frameworks with QA Engineers in mind”;
  • Testing in General – „(Testing) Expectations VS (Augmented) Reality”, „UX-testing. Let’s develop better products!”, “Tester! Plan your ride to the moon”;
  • Test Design – „Testing Web Services, with an Object-Oriented way”, Testing applications for children”, „Session based testing and shift left approach as a way to improve quality in project”;
  • Test Management – „Forget Shift Left and Shift Right. Let’s Shift Back!!!”, „Building an Ethically Strong Organization, with important role of QAs”, „Leading Quality: Lessons from the 120+ tech companies about delivering great software”.

   The place

    Not only the conference itself, but also the venue is unusual. The event is held at the JW Marriott Grand Hotel in Bucharest, next to one of the largest buildings in the world (only the Pentagon is larger), the Palace of the Parliament, built on behalf of the communist dictator Nicolae Ceausescu. In addition, the hotel is situated within five minutes walking distance from the Old Town, the beauty of which is “quite effectively hidden.” However, one should note that Bucharest used to be called “Paris of the East”. Although it was adversely affected during the years of communism, in its streets and recesses one can still notice its charms, which always bring delight to tourists.

    Not that far from Bucharest lays a region called Transylvania, which is what probably everyone associates with Romania, especially with Bram Stoker’s gothic novel called “Dracula”. Being so close, I think we will not miss the opportunity to visit this land full of castles, fortresses, strongholds and forts, as well as Carpathian landscapes. Traversing the endless hills and forests in which villages and cities are immersed, one can plunge into silence and nostalgia, and even some horror of deserted areas.

Why we decided to go?

    Four testers from SolDevelo are going to travel to this mysterious place. Thanks to the new company benefit, i.e. co-financing for training and industry conferences, we will be able to gain knowledge, exchange experiences and make new acquaintances.

    In a few days, we will set off from Gdansk to Warsaw and from there, straight to Bucharest, where we will spend two intense days participating in workshops, presentations and lectures in order to gain knowledge from professionals from all around the world. We will meet people who, like us, want to grow as testers. We hope that after our return, we will be able to share some amazing impressions, as well as the latest findings in the software testing industry, on the pages of the SolDevelo blog.





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