SolDevelo continues working on the openIMIS & CORE-MIS integration

openimis core-mis
openimis core-mis
openimis core-mis
openimis core-mis

Constant delivery of high quality solutions is our mission. We’re excited to keep on fulfilling it while working on the second part of the openIMIS & CORE-MIS integration project. 

As mentioned in our previous blog posts, SolDevelo, in partnership with SwissTPH, was in charge of integrating the two open-source systems  – openIMIS, financed by Germany and Switzerland, and coordinated by GIZ, and CORE-MIS, governed by The World Bank.

The new software package is aimed to serve as a digital public good, and manage a variety of schemes, such as health insurance, employment injury insurance, voucher schemes, cash transfers, and economic inclusion programs.

After the successful implementation of the integrated solution, the project continues under SolDevelo’s charge.

The first phase of the project

During the first phase of the project, several developments were implemented:

Individuals and Groups modules

The purpose of these modules is to store individuals’ and groups’ data which can be used in programmes (benefit plans).

Programmes module

This module is designed to give the user easy and clear access to the benefit plans.

Advanced filters

This feature makes searching for specific data easier and quicker. Advanced filters are multileveled and can be applied to multiple modules.

Maker-checker concept implementation

To provide the system with a higher level of control, we’ve implemented the four-eyes principle to openIMIS.

Payment flow

We’ve implemented a comprehensive digital payment flow, allowing the user to effortlessly manage financial operations within the system. 

OpenSearch integration

The system was integrated with OpenSearch – a data visualization tool.

openFN integration

The integration allows the user to import to CORE-MIS unstructured beneficiaries data that may differ depending on the benefit plan they belong to.

For more details, read the full openIMIS & CORE-MIS integration case study on our blog.

The second phase of the project

The integration and the development of key functionalities mentioned above were successfully conducted. But that is not where the journey ends. Great solutions are never really finished – there is always room for improvement. To provide the user with a tool that is even more comprehensive and reliable, the openIMIS & CORE-MIS integration project continues.

SolDevelo is proud to be in charge of this second phase of the project as well. We’ll make sure that the integrated system represents the highest standards of quality and offers the answer to all crucial user needs. 

To maximize our understanding of the scope of the project, we’re going to participate in workshops, where we’ll meet with other people involved in the initiative, share our thoughts and ideas, and discuss the upcoming improvements.

We’re excited at this opportunity to put our skills and experience into work, and provide a solution that has a real impact on the lives of many.


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