OpenBoxes Project

An open-source Logistics Management Information System designed for government and non-profit health systems in the developing world.

Openboxes project

Project Description

OpenBoxes was designed specifically for low-resource settings where existing infrastructure for electronic inventory management is limited. With minimal hardware requirements, flexible implementation options, an intuitive user interface, and user-friendly workflows, the software provides immediate results for the organizations working in challenging environments, who are looking for better inventory control and planning possibilities.


While OpenBoxes was built to address the specific needs of healthcare supply chains and supply chain staff in developing countries, new workflows and functionality can and have been built to adapt to the needs of other contexts.


Our role and the team

SolDevelo has been a key OpenBoxes partner since 2018. At the beginning, we worked with PIH and Justin Miranda to develop a new version of the system. Ever since we’ve accomplished this challenge, we are continuously contributing to OpenBoxes development, quality assurance, testing and maintenance.

OpenBoxes Benefits

Stock visibility

Increase stock visibility across all facilities and departments within your organization.

Eliminate stock outs

To prevent stockouts, the system will inform you if stock levels fall below reorder and minimum quantity.

Reduce waste

System uses a first-expiry-first-out (FEFO) picking strategy to help you effectively manage inventory before expiry dates.

Improve traceability

Always have insights on lot numbers and product expiration dates to better handle exceptional product lifecycle events like product recalls.

Accurate forecasting

Use information about demand for better resources planning and forecasting.


Open-source software is built and developed by a community of users, making it a cost-effective, customizable, and transparent solution for your business.

Key Features

Inventory management
Electronic stock card
Stock movements management
Email notifications
Inventory tracking
Multiple languages
Increased transparency


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