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An addon that provides you tracking time in Jira, enabling you to see how the working hours are spent either by yourself or by your teammates. You can trace the wholesome time devoted to a particular project. You can also easily recall what task you tackled yesterday, last month or even a year ago. All of that (and some more useful features) thanks to just one tool – Worklogs- Time Tracking and Reports.

Isn’t it right what you have been missing among the impressively rich collection of addons for Jira?

See how it works – step by step!


Start – widget

After installing and adding the addon to your dashboard, you will be able to see the table displaying on the main page. The table will contain a summary of the time you and other team members logged in the set period of time.


SolDevelo- Worklogs- dashboard


By using the “Export” button, you can easily create the summary in .xlsx format. In this file, you will find either the complete record of each teammate’s worklog or just of those you chose by applying the appropriate filters. The title of the summary is automatically filled with the previously set worklogs’ period.

Thanks to the “Link” icon you will be immediately redirected to the full version of the addon where more advanced options are available.


“Show more details” will allow you to see what filters you are currently using for the preview, meaning for what time period, project, and users the data are now being displayed.


SolDevelo- Wroklogs - screen2

Main screen


Since the whole addon is about time tracking, it shouldn’t be a surprise that on the main screen by default you will see the time logged by all the members of all the projects in which you participate.


Changing the display details


– Categorization and grouping – you can change the category for display (it doesn’t always have to be users’ worklogs tracking). You can also categorize and group by time estimation, sprint, priority, status, issue type, component, and many others.

– Filtering by projects– by choosing a specified project from the list you will see who logged time there, how much, and when exactly. All the filters adjust to the period of time that you pick.

It is also possible to apply a Jira filter. You can personalize it and adapt according to your individual needs. Jira filter helps you to craft your own overview of issues that you want to track along with the time spent on them.


SolDevelo- Wroklogs - screen5


– Filtering by the user/the group– here you can choose the user (or the group of users) whose worklogs you want to display.



– Filtering by the given time period– here you can specify the time span to display worklogs only from the chosen period. You can limit your timeframes to just one day, search for hours logged from the start of a project for example or look at any other scope that works best for you.

What is more, you can combine the filters together thus display the worklogs for the given time period and for only chosen users or just for yourself.


SolDevelo- Wroklogs - screen8


– Your final view can be grouped by day, week, month, or year.


SolDevelo- Wroklogs - screen9


– Changing the time unit– you can adjust the time measure for your worklogs – you get to choose between default Jira mode (weeks, days, hours, and minutes) and the view in hours, weeks, and months.


SolDevelo- Wroklogs - screen3


SolDevelo- Wroklogs - screen4


One of the juiciest and useful features is the possibility to preview the issues you logged time into, only by hovering over the appropriate number of hours logged.
We bet, it just couldn’t have been designed any simpler 🙂


They say “the happy know no hours” – thanks to Worklogs- Time Tracking and Reports you don’t have either! Our product will not only remember and count your logged hours but also save you some time to spend on more joyful activities than calculations.

Worklogs- Time Tracking and Reports is an addon that will provide you with the right tool to track your teams’ worklogs and the time spent on a project. It will point out the issues that have taken much time and also those that have been completed way faster.

Could the data delivered by our addon help in introducing improvements to your organization? Perhaps it could enhance the accuracy of your team’s estimations.

SolDevelo gives a hand to all of those who do want to know the hours, despite the common sayings. We are well aware that, especially in business, time is money.


Do you want to experience how it works?

Let’s try out our 30-day trial version of the addon.
You will get unlimited access to all the features:

Worklogs- Time Tracking and Reports


You can also watch a demo on our YouTube channel:


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